Hagerstown Oct 8-10

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Re: Hagerstown Oct 8-10

Post by Rustman » Sun Oct 24, 2021 5:48 pm

W. Winget wrote:
Wed Oct 20, 2021 8:12 am

Have not heard anyone discuss if Sunday happened or was a bust. :?:

One other clarification, I saw no TSA, or gate guard activity (only one gate to enter) and this seemed fine, not sure how the group ensured visitors paid, but I didn't go in and out during the event either.

V/R W. Winget
Sunday was quite stupid. There were about 6 vendors across the entire field, that included the 3 of us lined up on the first row. I had a guy coming down from Connecticut picking up stuff from me so it was worth it for me to be there. My friends next to me did about $50 in sales, as did I. Bobby Dunn on the corner had people five deep waiting to give him money as he was the only going thing in town. We bugged out about 1130.

Now here's why I say it was stupid. Beside's the vendors leaving there is an attitude overall that the last day doesn't count. Despite advertising on the radio, websites and in local media that the event was through Sunday the host club had taken down their HQ tent replacing it with a 10x10 pop up and were taking up the signs on the way in that morning. With that mentality can you expect vendors to stay?

I believe we were in an area fenced separate from the controlled airport side, hence no requirement for TSA or other security. As for entrance fees, the host club has never really collected them. In the past it was a voluntary donation, then it was a donation per vehicle, finally in recent years they did away with it. This year it was the Hagerstown Aviation Museum that was supposedly collecting as entrance to one got you entrance to both. But with no posted TIMES for the event only days I can only speculate on what time they started and stopped collecting money. It was after and before I entered and left each day.

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