Gas and Water Cans for Sale

Manufacturers, production numbers, configurations, etc.
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Randy R
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Gas and Water Cans for Sale

Post by Randy R » Thu Jul 03, 2003 6:44 am

I have some gas and water cans to sell, varied years and manufacturers, $10.00 each plus shipping.
Cavalier 1944
Monarch 1945 (Sold)
Nesco 1951 (sold)
GR & FCO 1951
RCC 1954
USMC 1962

Cavilier 1945 (sold)
Rheem 1943 (dented, $5.00)
Rheem 1951
Radio Steel 1951 (dented, $5.oo)

Most have surface rust, but appear solid. Most have had oil stored in them in the past.

Email me if interested for photos.


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Water Can.

Post by ErichL » Fri Jul 04, 2003 1:11 pm

I am new to the Jeep Jerry Can arena, but I would be interested in photos of the Water Cans 1944 or 1945. You can email me off list at I have a 1945 GPW. Also is there any real difference to the manufacturing? Sorry is these questions are elementry in nature. Thanks.
- Erich
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