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Basic Jerrican fact source?

Posted: Wed Jul 02, 2003 8:55 pm
by F Bill
I have recently started collecting a bunch of cans (couldn't afford any jeep parts so I had to get something at the yard sales instead.. :wink: ).....Problem is, I'm woefully ignorant when it comes to the identification of US vs German, Civillian vs Military, Water vs Gas, etc.. I do know enough to look on the bottom for dates, and have found a few appropriately dated ones for WWII, and a few later ones. So... where is the can FAQ site? or is there one?

Posted: Thu Jul 03, 2003 4:58 am
by lucakiki
Just very short basics:U.S. gas cans have the manufacturer name and the date on the bottom,as a rule,but there are some exceptions,when,to my knowledge in 43,the date and brand could be also on the top,just as on water cans.Bar the USMC cans with the cam locked spout,all Gas can had screw lids,two eared in 41,four eared afterward.Water cans from 42 had a large round cam locked lid. European cans were made in two halves,and had a camlocked spout.Maker,date,any thing was stamped on side,not being any base or top.Some german cans had some inscription on the handle,but that is already over the basics you required.W/I\D is the british war department simbol,and british cans are the most common.Have a look at the various posts on this forum if you have interest in cans.And give me a call if you have an extra USN can! :)

Posted: Thu Jul 03, 2003 5:44 am
by David
Take a look at the following post: That should get you started!

Greetz :wink:


Posted: Thu Jul 03, 2003 6:52 am
by F Bill
Thanks for the education guys! Turns out I have a '45 Nesco gas can, a 52 gas can, and a couple from 20-5-74 with a small usmc marked on the bottom. I have a couple that are not dated, with only a G on the upper side...I'm assuming an undated can will be civillian? Are there any dead giveaways to a civillian can in case I can't get to the bottom to look?

Also most have no gasket anymore.. Where can one get the gaskets..and a good filler spout? Most of these cans are still being used occasionally. Recently I needed to pump out a home oil tank and they came in handy bigtime. I wish I had a truck full of them instead of the three I had at the time while the rest were those space wasting plastic things. Sure are a classic form following function design.