Manufacturers, production numbers, configurations, etc.
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Post by lucakiki » Mon Sep 29, 2003 3:34 pm

While rummaging through oldmvpa Army Motors,I came across a contribution of Ray Cowdery,that might explain why some jerrycans are more common than others,and that I repeat here for all of you that might be interested:
WATER ' 42=1830.000 '43 =1.265.000 '44 =2.951.000 '45 =598.000

GAS 42= ? '43 = 14.291.000 '44 =4.157.000 ?45= 3.995.000

That makes for more than three Gas cans for every Water can.
(Out of the count,the 41 Jerrycans,the two eared lidded ones.)
However in my experience, apart the number produced in every
year,also the area one is considering might account for some difference
in making a particular year scarcer than another. 1944 Gas cans ,as an example,are in my country scarcer than 1945 ones ,even if in this year a smaller number was produced.

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43 Willys MB-T # 25417 4-43
Way too many WWII military tools,hopefully thinning down,and way too many posts...


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US jerry can production

Post by Tom in Iowa » Tue Sep 30, 2003 6:43 pm

Sorry I haven't answered your E-mail.
Somewhere I got the idea that one reason that there aren't many 44 cans is because of the Red Ball Express.
Any thoughts on that??
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