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What to do with old jerrycans?

Posted: Tue Jul 15, 2003 9:00 am
by lucakiki
I have run across a fair amount of jerrycans,and most of them were far from perfect.All kind of contents had been in,and some time still were,oil usually being a blessing as it prevented rust.Most were repainted and dented.Personally,while obviously preferring a near new example,I can accept a battered one,up to a certain limit.Sure it should not leak,even if it is not for use anymore,and rather for display.Repainting is a matter of taste and condition,plus some original stenciling one would not want to lose.But my friend Borgogno,yes the famous 300 plus can collector,really does not care about condition ,if still missing in his shelves.To him it is enough if it can prove that a manufacturer exhisted and produced at a certain date.Some other guys just want one as perfect as possible jerrycan,restored to the same degree as the jeep they want to put it onto,and so much the better if date is matching,not that it is historically relevant,provided it is WWII or post war depending on vehicle.So,I just would like the opinions of the other folks:those who care about the issue,I mean.

just the same

Posted: Thu Sep 18, 2003 9:45 am
by lucakiki
I wanted to propose again the question.What are your opinions?

What to do with old

Posted: Sun Sep 21, 2003 6:50 am
by Tom in Iowa
I agree with your friend. A can doesn't need to be perfect if I don't have one of that type.
I got one the other day that had the bottom rotted off. The top was fine.
I took it because I have seen reenactors putting two together to make a slightly taller can to hide their oxygen and propane tanks in for their machine gun. I can use the top of this one and find one with a bad or dented top. That way I won't have to destroy two good ones.
I have some that are dented on the side and am wondering it I could use compressed air to help push them back into shape?
Has anybody tried it?