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Re: List of radios for WWII MVs.

Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 12:07 am
by Mark Tombleson
I see the link to my original article was severed...

I found it in my archive files...

I thought I would start a list of radios that were used in U.S. military vehicles during WWII (as a start). It would include the type, a short description, frequency, and what it was used for. My plan is to compile a short document to be used by all wanting to know what radios were used in MVs and why. Dallas and Steve Finelli helped me with the following list.

Jeep Radio Sets
SCR-193-K or SCR-193-KB
HF 1.5-18 Mhz
BC-191-( ), Transmitter, AM/CW, HF controlled by plug in tuning units. Output 50 Watts. Requires 1100, 425, and 12-14 VDC.
BC-312-( ), Receiver, 1.5-18 Mhz, HF. IF 470Khz. 9 tubes.
BC-193-( ), or BC-194-( ), or BC-204-( ), Antenna Tuner.
BC-196-( ), Antenna Relay.
BC-192-( ), Control Box.

SCR-193-KW ( Water Proof )
HF 1.5-18 Mhz.
BC-191-( ), Transmitter, AM/CW, HF controlled by plug in tuning units. Output 50 Watts. Requires 1100, 425, and 12-14 VDC.
BC-312-( ), Receiver, 1.5-18 Mhz, HF. IF 470Khz. 9 tubes. 
BC-193-( ), or BC-194-( ), or BC-204-( ), Antenna Tuner.
BC-196-( ), Antenna Relay.
BC-192-( ), Control Box.

SCR-284-( )
BC-654-( ) Receiver / Transmitter, 2-6MHz, AM/CW, 13 tubes, Rx VFO, Tx VFO or crystal. Requires 6 and 500 VDC.

SCR-499-( )
BC-610-( ), Transmitter, 1.5-18MHz, AM/CW, 400w, plug-in tuning units and final coils, FT-171B xtals.
BC-342-( ), Receiver, 1.5-18MHz, 110 volt version of BC-312 IF 470KHz, crystal filter, 9 tubes. 
BC-939-( ), Antenna Tuning Unit.

SCR-506-( )
HF, AM 12-22 Watts, CW 50-90 Watts. 
BC-652-( ), Receiver, vehicular, 1.5-6.0MHz, AM/CW, IF 915KHz, 11 tubes, crystal calibrator. Requires 12/24 and 274VDC. 
BC-653-( ), Transmitter, 100-400KHz & 1.5-6.0MHz, AM/CW, 4 tubes, VFO, 50 Watts. Requires 12/24, 500 and 1000VDC.

SCR-508-( ), SCR-528-( )
FM, 20-28Mhz.
2 each BC-603-( ), Receiver, 20-28MHz, FM, IF 2.65MHz, continuous thumb wheel tuning plus 10 presets, 10 tubes, squelch, built-in speaker. One only required for SCR-528-( ).
BC-604-( ), Transmitter, 20-28MHz, FM, 20 Watts, 10 crystal channels, 8 tubes.

SCR-510-( )
FM, 20-28MHz.
BC-620 Receiver / Transmitter, IF 2.88MHz, TX continuously tunable, receiver crystal controlled,13 tubes, 2 channels. Requires 60, 22.5 and 4.5 VDC.

SCR-608-( ), SCR-628-( )
FM, 27-39MHz.
2 each BC-683-( ), Receiver, Vehicular, 27-38.9MHz, FM, 10 preset channels or continuous tunable, IF 2.65MHz. Requires 12/24 and 285 VDC. One required for SCR-628-( ).
BC-684-( ), Transmitter, vehicular, 27-38.9MHz, FM, 10 crystal controlled channels, 8 tubes. Requires 12/24 and 600 VDC.

SCR-610-( )
FM, 27-39MHz.
BC-659-( ), Receiver / Transmitter, manpack, 27.0-38.9MHz, FM, IF 9.3 MHz, 14 tubes, Requires 60, 25.5, -4.5 VDC.

BC-1306, Receiver / Transmitter, 3.5-6.5MHz, AM/CW, IF 455KHz, 11 Tubes. Requires 6.3, 1.4, 105 and 425-500 Volts.

SCR-808-( ), SCR-828-( )
FM, 27-39MHz.
2 each BC-923-( ), Receiver, Vehicular, 27-39MHz, FM, IF 13.575 & 2.850MHz, 13 tubes, 4 preset continuously tunable channels. Requires 12/24 and 260 VDC. One required for SCR-828-( ).
BC-924-( ), Transmitter, vehicular, 27-39MHz, FM, 4 preset channels. Requires 12/24 and 260 VDC.

AN/VRC-1-( )

BC-191-( ), Transmitter, AM/CW, HF controlled by plug in tuning units. Output 50 Watts. Requires 1100, 425, and 12-14 VDC.
BC-312-( ), Receiver, 1.5-18MHz, Vehicular, IF 470KHz. 9 tubes. 
BC-606-( ), Interphone Control Box.
BC-602-( ), Radio Control Box.
BC-624-( ), Receiver, 100-156 MHz, AM, 4 channel, Crystal controlled.
BC-625-( ), Transmitter, 100-156 MHz, AM, 4 channel, Crystal controlled, IF 12 MHz

Navy and Marine Corps
TCS 5-14 (MZ-1&2)
1.5 to 12.0 Mc AM, 25 watts CW, 15 watts voice, 12 or 24 volts d-c. Used extensively on patrol and landing craft, reconnaissance vehicles, and for similar purposes.  Switch selection of any one of four crystal controlled frequencies in each of the three bands.

SCR-608-() (MZ-2) see above in Army section.

RT-19/ARC-4 (MAH)
l40 to 144 Mc AM, 12 or 24 volts d-c. VHF transmitter and a VHF receiver mounted on a single chassis. Both the transmitter and receiver may be pre-tuned for operation on any four crystal controlled frequencies in the 140 to 144 Mc band. One of the four frequencies is intended for plane-to-plane communication. The remaining frequencies are intended for plane-to-ground communication.

Army armor
SCR-506-( )
AM/25-50 miles voice, 75-100 miles key, BC 653 transmitter (50 Watts, 4 tubes), BC 652 receiver, BC 658 interphone switch box, 15' whip antenna, battalion commander, when 506 was not avail, older SCR 245 or SCR 193 w/ less range was used.
SCR-508-( )
FM/voice only, 10 miles max, BC 604 transmitter w/ BC 605 interphone, 2 BC 603 receivers, 9' whip antenna, tank company commander.
SCR-528-( )
FM/voice only, 10 miles max, BC 604 transmitter (20 Watts, 10 crystal channels, 8 tubes) w/BC 605 interphone, BC 603 receiver, 9' whip antenna, platoon leader and typical late-war tank set.
SCR 538
FM/voice only, 10 miles max, no transmitter, 1 BC 603 receiver w/ BC 605 interphone amplifier, 9' whip antenna, typical tank set in early war years.

Navy and Marine Corps Armor
TCS LVT Amtrac and Amtank, see above.

I have GRC9 set with 1945 contract date.Pre 1951 units used PE 237 power supply from SCR 694, 1951 the DY 88 came out..I beleive production of PRC 8.9,and 10 started 1951. 

Hi Mark, 

Here's a few more radio sets for your list that were used during WWII in vehicles. 

Signal Corps: 

1. SCR-209, BC-176 trans 2.2 - 2.6 MC 8.5 W CW & 7.5 W AM. & 
BC-312 rec. 

2. SCR-210, BC-189 receiver. Later sets were replaced by the 
BC-312 receiver. 

3. SCR-245, BC-223 trans. 2.0 - 5.2 MC 10 W & BC-312 receiver. 

4. SCR-293, BC-500 trans. 20.0 - 27.9 MC FM 25 W & BC-499 receiver. 
For use in early tanks.

5. SCR-294, BC-499 receiver only. 

6. SCR-298 25-UFM trans. & 11-UF receiver 30 - 40 MC 25 W FM. 

7. SCR-511, BC-745 (Pogo Stick) transceiver when used with PE-157 
vibrator power supply. 3.0 - 6.0 MC 0.75 W AM 

8. SCR-619, BC-1335 transceiver 27 - 38.0 MC 2 W FM 6/12/24 VDC

9. AN/VRC-1 BC-191 trans., BC-312 rec. & SCR-542 BC-624/625 100 - 156 MC 6 W PE-98 dynamotor 12VDC installed in jeep. 
This set was also adopted by the Navy/Marine Corps & known as 

10. AN/VRC-3, BC-1000 transceiver with PP-114 vibrator power supply. 
For use in tanks. 

US Navy/Marine Corps: 

1. DAX Radio Direction Finder. Installed in MZ type jeep. 1.5 - 22 MC 
12 VDC. 

2. DAY Radio Direction Finder Installed in MZ type jeep. 20 - 100 MC. 
12 VDC. 

3. DAZ, Radio Direction Finder Installed in MZ type jeep 100 - 156 MC 

4. AN/MRD-8, DAZ DF set along with MAX Radio set, 100 - 156 MC 8 W 
Installed in jeep NT-10466 & trailer V-25/MRD-8

5. AN/MRN-3, Marker Beacon Set. SCR-610-A (BC-659) with 
RC-115-A Marker Beacon Trans. Equip. & ID-101/MRN-3 Indicator. 
PE-88 power unit installed in jeep. 27.0 - 38.9 MC 6/12 VDC.

6. MAH, RT-19/ARC-4 transceiver, 140 - 144 MC 6 W AM 12/24 VDC 

7. MAK, Transceiver, 2 - 4 MC 25 W AM 6/12 VDC 

8. MAR, Transceiver, 225 - 390 MC 8 W 12/24 & other various input 
voltages from various power supplies.

9. MAX, RT-18/ARC-1 Transceiver, 100 - 156 MC 8 W 

10.MN, Transceiver, 30 - 42 MC 2 W Various input voltages from 12 VDC 
115 v. depending on model. 

11.MO-1, Transceiver, 3 - 8 MC 25 W AM 6/12 VDC 

12.MRC-19, BC-191 trans., BC-312 rec., & SCR-542 VHF set. This is the 
same as Signal Corps AN/VRC-1 listed above. In jeep

13.TCH, Transceiver, 2 - 16MC 6 W AM. Looks similar to TCS but in one 
cabinet & smaller. 

Steve Finelli

Some Dates for sets we talked about: DAX-1944, DAY-1944, DAZ-1944, MAH-1944, MAK-1943, MAX-1944, MN-1942 MN-5-1944, MO-1-1942. 

Some more WWII sets to add to your list: 

1. MAL (MAH) in Jeep Type CVD-10182 with Gas Generator Trailer Type RMM-10269. 1943 

2. MAO SCR-510 in Jeep Type CVD-10182. 1944.

3. MAQ SCR-499 & SCR-542 in M3 Half Track & PE-95 Generator in Trailer. 


A couple more Signal Corps sets that were used in vehicles & by infantry 
during WWII:
1. SCR-194 (BC-222) 27.7 - 52.2 MC 0.75 watt. 

2. SCR-195 (BC-322) 52.8 - 65.8 MC 0.5 watt. The SCR-194/195 were our first "Walkie Talkies" developed in mid 1930s & used early in WWII.

3. SCR-593-A BC-728-A 2 - 6 MC receiver. 1943. 

Steve Finelli

Re: List of radios for WWII MVs.

Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2018 11:04 am
by MkDorney
I'm sure you folks all read the article I wrote that was published by the MVPA in Army Motors awhile back. There are an unbelievable number of different model radios that were installed in WW2 MV's. Listing everything is frustrating, and was already done and are listed in military publications you can find online. That's why I concentrated on common radios in my article that are relatively easy to find, fix, and legally use ( with a licence, of course).

You will find some questions on this forum about the GRC-9 radio. The GRC-9 is a post war radio - it was not fielded before the end of hostilities in Sept, 1945. It is slightly larger and has a wider frequency range than the BC-1306. If you're doing a BC-1306 radio that was used in the European Theater of Operations, you need to see about modifying a PE-103 power supply to actually power the radio. One of the supply problems with the BC-1306 was that the PE-237 power supplies were shipped very late to Europe. PE-103 Power Supplies that were issued with already issued BC-654 were modified to power the BC-1306 for vehicle use until a PE-237 power supply was available very near the end of the war in Europe. I would recommend anybody wishing to do this join the Military Radio Collectors Association (MRCA) and get the information you need from the radio experts on that forum to get the help you need to make the modification.

Army Radio Sales in England was selling BC-1306 radios at one time, but their stock of radios may be exhausted as of the date of this posting.

Re: List of radios for WWII MVs.

Posted: Tue Apr 10, 2018 10:20 pm
by MkDorney
Check out this very comprehensive list of WW2 US Military Vehicle radios: ... Radio-Sets


Re: List of radios for WWII MVs.

Posted: Fri May 18, 2018 8:57 pm
by MkDorney
Hello Mark,
Sorry, the GRC-9 is a post War Radio. It wasn't fielded until after hostilities ended. The 1945 contract date just tells you the radio is no older than the date of the contract. The GRC-9 is a great radio, and if you're doing a between WW2 and Korea vehicle, or Korean War vehicle, that's the radio you want to use, but it's not correct for WW2.

Mark D.

Re: List of radios for WWII MVs.

Posted: Sat May 19, 2018 6:22 pm
by Radtech
I have a 1945 contract GRC9

Re: List of radios for WWII MVs.

Posted: Sat May 19, 2018 7:44 pm
by Mark Tombleson
Here is an article on same...

Dallas, wasn't the SCR-694 / BC-1306 early 1943 and GRC-9 mid/late 1945? couldn't they also use the same equipment... power supplies and such?

This may be the same issue as the late war radio jeep contracts... which were early in 1945 but some were delivered post war, October 1945.

Some say they should be considered wartime... others disagree.

A very technical fine line, and one that can be argued either way. :wink: :D :D

Here is a video on the SCR-694.

Re: List of radios for WWII MVs.

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2018 2:46 pm
by wa5cab
Technically, it's a Signal Corps Order Number, not a contract. Signal Corps Contracts were some sort of broad agreement to build widgets for USA.

Also, the two digit year included in all Signal Corps Order Numbers until the early 1960's is the US Federal Fiscal Year, not the calendar year. From 1932 until sometime during the second Reagan Administration, the Federal Fiscal Year began on 01 July of the previous calendar year. So anything with a "45" in the Order Number was ordered between 01 July 1944 and 30 June 1945. Of course, that doesn't tell you when it was delivered.

As a general rule of thumb for 1942 thru 1945 and 1952 through 1954, if the Order Number has 4 or fewer digits, it was placed during the previous calendar year. If it is 20,000 or higher, the current calendar year. The Order Number previously referred to is on an RT-77 transmitter and is 53906-Phila-45 assuming that I didn't mis-key it). The earliest known (to me) date on a TM 11-263 is 25 June 1946, I would assume that a preliminary was done earlier but I've never lucked out and found it.

Re: List of radios for WWII MVs.

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2018 2:52 pm
by wa5cab

Yes, all of the accessories made for the SCR-694 except for the vehicle mount, the canvas back pack or cover, the two wire antennas, and apparently the phantom antenna, were initially carried over to the slightly larger AN/GRC-9, This included the PE-237 until the much lighter DY-88 came out around 1949.

Re: List of radios for WWII MVs.

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 9:27 pm
by wa5cab
Minor addition - To SCR-499-(*) entry add SCR-399-(*), same as SCR-499 except in HO-17 Shelter, usually on deuce-and-a-half. And SCR-299-(*) earliest version mounted in 1-1/2 ton Chevrolet panel truck and with BC-729 antenna matching unit. All also included one BC-312-(*) Receiver, same as BC-342-(*) except 12VDC.

Re: List of radios for WWII MVs.

Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2019 3:24 pm
by ChrisLaBossiere
I am a newby with a 1945 MB and looking to convert the identity package to that which would have been used by my Grandfathers regiment. I am also perfectly daft with understanding how forums work!

I am trying to find from anyone what radio might have been mounted in a Canadian / British jeep or bren gun carrier? Is there a definitive list anywhere of what I might start hunting for - for my new toy. My grandfather served in the 8th Reconnaissance Regm't of the 2nd Canadian Division.

Thanks in Advance!