I need to find a message from the old boards!

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I need to find a message from the old boards!

Post by Ken Creason » Thu Aug 07, 2003 9:11 pm

To help you find the information for which you are looking, we would need to know
which message board system was being used at the time of posting.
There have been 3 different message board systems implemented during
the life of g503.com:

The first was a Perl system that was based on a series of CGIs and flat files
and looked something like this. That was used for several years until the upgrade
on or about February 19, 2002. We had to archive old messages to keep
the server running and I have compressed files somewhere that we could
provide to you if need be.

The second system, Phorum, archived here, was PHP based and database driven
and was used until the next upgrade on or about December 14, 2002.

Our current system, phpBB, has been used since then.
Our reasons for upgrading included added features and the ability to prune old messages
out of the database :shock: This was, and still is, necessary because highly active
relational database systems are not good places for long term static data storage.
The database gets larger and larger and functions become slower and slower etc.
That means that some earlier messages on this new board have been irretrievably lost :(
However, we will be addressing this issue and providing a solution soon, so be on the lookout.

So, if you think the message(s) that you are looking for are part of the original Perl system,
send Ron or Ken a request, or post it in the Website and Message Board Issues forum
and we will find a way to make the archives available.
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