How to post pictures. Version 1.0

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How to post pictures. Version 1.0

Post by Casey242 » Fri Dec 12, 2003 1:12 pm

How to post pictures on G503 version 1.0

To make it simple

1) Pictures must already be hosted on the web.
2) You need to know the actual path to the picture!!!
3) The syntax should look like this [img]http://actual/path/to/picture.jpg[/img]

Details on how to post pictures on G503:

Before posting pictures on G503 you need to have your pictures hosted on the web. The pictures must be on a server and not on your local computers hard drive. There are several free sites that off hosting services, is another one. Most ISPs offer this service by offering you free server space with your account as well.

If you are having trouble with getting you’re pictures hosted on the web then you can stop reading here as this document assumes that your already at this stage. If not ask and some one will be more then willing to help you out getting to this point.

G503 requires the path to the actual picture in order to work correctly. If you have any doubt about the path to the picture you can right click on the picture and select properties and you will see a line that says Address (URL) and have a path to the picture, this is the actual path that is needed. This is where people seem to make the biggest mistake and often try to use a link to a web page that has the picture. Say for example if you want to show a picture of the all the tools like the one on here on G503 under the tools section you would not use the address of even though the picture is there but rather the actual path to the picture which would be

As a good rule of thumb the path to the picture will end in an extension like .jpg or .bmp there are others but these 2 are the more common picture files extensions. So if the path does not end in that, then it probably won’t work when trying to post your photo on g503. If it ends in .com it’s not going to work, and you need to right click on the picture and get the actual path to it.

OK I think I have drilled the actual path to the picture in you head by now so here is the easy part… the syntax needed to get it to work.

Here is the syntax you will use in the message window.
You will start with [img] and end with [/img], this is important, the first [img] tells the G503 server that the path to a picture is to follow and the last one [/img] tells it to stop looking for the path.

Remember the picture of the tools we want to show every one? Here is how the syntax would look. [img][/img]

It’s that easy.

Hope this helps more then it confuses.

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Re: How to post pictures. Version 1.0

Post by Ron Fitzpatrick » Tue Sep 18, 2018 9:46 am

Update to how to post pictures
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