WWII Ordnance

Living History / Reenacting uniforms, field gear, and equiptment, Wanted, For Sale (NO EBAY ITEMS) or Trade.
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WWII Ordnance

Post by blitz67 » Sun Apr 28, 2019 11:20 am

I have the items below for sale, shipping not included, make me an offer if my prices are too high, not sure how to price some of this stuff. Brad

Left to Right
1. WWII Japanese Grenade, has a hole in the side, not sure if it is a demill hole or it was unloaded and hit by flak, interior fuse tube is damaged also. Looks complete and displays very nicely---------$165.00

2. WWII Japanese 25mm shell, complete, steel head has some corrosion, one small dent in the brass case-------------------------$120.00

3. WWII Japanese 37mm brass shell casing, nice and clean with some black ink stamping remaining------------$65.00

4. WWI 37mm , excellent condition with no dents, bottom marked "P.D.P.s. 260.1.17 37-85" with a flaming bomb stamp, no dents excellent condition. -------------------$80.00

5. WWII, possibly later grenade "Booby Trap" igniter device------------$35.00

6. Early WWII U.S. 60mm mortar round. dated 1940, painted black, about 50% of the paint remains, has one small area of moderate rust where it must have sat in the water, needs to be cleaned, not too bad, but I did want to mention it. Fuze tip is missing and top is slightly bent in, appears to be dated 1942. SOLD

7. WWII German flak round. Bottom marked "Xw 40 3h P161" also has a German Waffenampt stamp---------------$100.00

8. WWII German flak round. Bottom marked "4 425 avu" also has a German Waffenampt stamp, head is tight to the shell.----------------$100.00

9. 1950's U.S. Navy MK3 MOD O Rocket Body head, made by "Auto-Lite"--------------$40.00
IMG_9117 (2).JPG
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IMG_9107.JPG (54.17 KiB) Viewed 2072 times

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Re: WWII Ordnance

Post by dantheman » Mon May 13, 2019 10:03 am

I'll take #5 firing device. Message inbound

1945 GPW 267188 (numbers matching)

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Re: WWII Ordnance

Post by bldrhouse » Mon Aug 19, 2019 1:22 pm

Do you still have the Japanese grenade?


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