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Re: GI combat uniform

Post by Daren » Tue Jan 16, 2018 2:52 am

Thanks for all the interesting tips and hints. I will be use most if not all you help.
I managed to get an m1 ammo belt and suspender with canteen, rifle cleaning kit and first aid kit for christmas, so looks like my weapon of choise will be an m1 garand, did all infantry carry a bayonet if they were issues a garand?
I have also got a musette bag which clips nicely to my suspenders for carrying equipment, don't like the look of the doughboy haversack, and as I would be mainly displaying with the jeep I assume a solder would only carry the essentials when out on patrol and leave the rest with the jeep.
Thanks again
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Re: GI combat uniform

Post by Royk » Tue May 08, 2018 8:11 pm

Yes, infantryman issued with a M1 Garand would have been issued with a bayonet and by 1944, most likely a short one. As for the itchy wool, US wool flannel is quite fine, unlike BD's. I dont like scratcy wool like a Guernsey sweater but US wool is fine for me. ATF make a M41 jacket with no wool liner, some GI's ripped out the wool in hot climates. Musette bags were originally for Officers, NCO's and paratroopers but a GI could have scrounged anything in the the field or even on base. I have a pic of US Rangers in '45 who still have m28 packs since they could carry more stuff with them.


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