FS: My Freakish WW2(?) 3" Navy(?) Mystery Round...$250

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AZ Jeff
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FS: My Freakish WW2(?) 3" Navy(?) Mystery Round...$250

Post by AZ Jeff » Wed Apr 07, 2021 7:29 pm

Okay, here's something you don't see every day. On the left we have a normal USN 3"-50 round for comparison (this one 1950s) and on the right something quite different...

Mystery 3 inch Navy Round comparison.jpg
The top half of our Mystery Round appears to be a Navy projectile. Note the standard green paint and the red (tracer) dot. The lower half appears (to me) to be a 3" Artillery Round. It has been repainted black with a yellow stripe (by me) since that original finish was present, but worn. Note the Ordnance proof on the markings just above the rotating band...

Mystery 3 inch Navy Round markings.jpg
The Fuze is a 1942 dated, brass and aluminum M43A2 Mechanical Time Fuze. It has been over-stamped "Dummy" on the body. The void runs straight through both cases. Still not sure HOW they grafted this together since the middle copper band covers that secret. The mystery round is 5" taller than the Navy round depicted. I added the 1944 dated brass Navy 3"-50 case just to make it more obscenely taller than it already is.

This bit of Ordnance Weirdness is offered at $250, well below the value stated in the Schiffer picture book WW2 Ammunition Oddities Identification and Price Guide. Okay, there is no such book... but for a SPLIT SECOND I had you checking Amazon, right? That price does not include shipping BUT for a nominal fee (nothing) I will deliver it FREE to the upcoming 2021 Louisville Show-of-Shows, IF PRE-PAID. Not sure I'll be lugging it out there otherwise (I'll already have enough strange stuff in the bed of my truck... no sense in making some Highway Patrolman freak out even more...)

Please PM direct if interested. Thanks for looking!

Jeff Q.

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Re: FS: My Freakish WW2(?) 3" Navy(?) Mystery Round...$250

Post by John Neuenburg » Sun Apr 11, 2021 7:18 pm


Reminder the Camp Plymouth Swap Meet & Military Vehicle Show the last week of April is another place to sell or deliver military collectibles like this. Definitely not just vehicles and parts changing hands.

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