Looking for a few 76mm Items....

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Looking for a few 76mm Items....

Post by Austringer » Thu May 25, 2023 6:01 am

Looking for a few items for the 76mm M32 / M32A1 as used in the M41 / M41A1 Walker Bulldog.

Looking for these complete rounds (inert of course so BATF does not kick down my door, kill my hawk and pets and steal valuables from the house)

1 M319 HVAP-T
2 M320 HVTP-T
3 M331A1 HVAP-DS-T
4 M339 AP-T
5 M340 TP-T
6 M340A1 TP-T
7 M352 HE
8 M355 Blank
9 M361A1 WP
10 M363 Canister
11 M371 WP
12 M496 HEAT-T

And the following cases:
M88: Brass
M88A1: Steel
M101: either
M171E1: either

and any projos for the above rounds, any condition
Jason Green
Atlanta, Ga

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