Beware banjo front wheel cylinders

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Beware banjo front wheel cylinders

Post by Dr Deuce » Fri May 17, 2019 2:58 pm

Recently I purchased two NOS banjo axle front wheel cylinders from Wilderberg in the Netherlands. The boxes, still in cosmoline were labeled G-085 which is the Chevrolet Bomb Truck designation. When I opened one, it turned out to be the civilian version.

The difference between a civy one and a mil one is that the mil one had the hose input connection tilted up at an angle to allow the brake hose to clear the steering arm on the front axle. The civy one has the hose coming straight in, no angle.

Wilderberg gave me my $$ back upon returning them.

I strongly recommend using the civy ones on the passengers side. You can still buy them brand new. Keep the drivers side only ones and use them on the drivers side where they are needed as they are becoming scarce. I have been using the civy ones on the 43 CCKW closed cab (60,000+ miles driven) and the 44 Chev Bomb Truck.
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