1952 Mack M-52 parts

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1952 Mack M-52 parts

Post by bobc » Thu Apr 18, 2019 2:22 pm

A couple summers ago I sold the M-246 that I had,I offered the M-52 as part of the deal but after moving the 246 he decided it wasn't worth the trouble to take the 52.
A couple of months ago I went out a pulled a bunch of easy to remove parts from the cab thinking someone would want them,they have been on ebay for 3 months now with no offers,except the data plates which went pretty quick.
I'm tired of them sitting there,I'm tire of the truck as well but it's a lot harder to ship,so if you have one of these trucks and you needs some interior parts you can have them for the shipping cost,PM me or email me at rcchell@xpresseweb.com and I'll send you an ebay link to see what is left.
I would gladly give the truck to someone but you have to figure out how to load it and move it,lots of really clean sheet metal,complete non running engine,the only thing he took was the fifth wheel.
M-2-A-1 White half-track, 41 CCKW SWB (yard truck), hoping to start working on my G-506 open cab.

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