1918 Standard b Truck "Liberty"

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1918 Standard b Truck "Liberty"

Post by W. Winget » Mon Feb 25, 2019 12:14 pm

For those interested in the subject (and I mean ALL the details) I have assembled 14.5GB of data, drawings, photographs, plans and material from across the web, NARA site and individual restorers over the past 11 years.
Should you happen to search for this data and end up here or have a real, (not just curious need), PM or e-mail me and I will release the link to you upon discussing your needs/ end use.
Sorry that I cannot post the cloud link here for brevity sake, but there's too many ways this data can be trashed or possibly abused for me to just hang it out here, and I spent way too many years assembling the info and manuals, etc.

Always looking for more (they never did make a true maintenance manual)

Liberty Truck
1918 Standard B truck (nicknamed the Liberty)
Prototypes 1917-1918
Main production 1918-1919 in two "Types" I & II (Type I had Electric accessories, Type II was dumbed down with gas accessories)

V/R W Winget
Looking for 1918 Standard B 'Liberty' truck parts

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