Half track info sicko

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Half track info sicko

Post by G102 » Fri May 18, 2018 9:19 pm

"I know many of you have gotten ripped off by garys "NOS" caps
what he sells are flimsy fuel caps that are vented which means they do not seal.."

This is just the first few lines in a e bay sale by steelworks. (HALF TRACK RADIATOR CAP) This guy is sick! The radiator caps I sold for years came from the late KEVIN Kronlunds inventory. They are French mfg. caps with a Half Track part number packaged in boxes of 10 ea. For a huge overpriced amount of only $5.50 ea.

He's trying to divert any buyers to purchase a fuel cap and plug a vent hole. .
The best part is maybe somebody can inform Steve on his web site that Gary IS NOT SELLING ANY HALF TRACK PARTS ANYMORE!

So much for trying to support the half track collectors.
By the way did you see he has a half track radiator on e bay for sale for $3000.00!!!
What a great value, LOL

Steve, why don't you grow up for once in your life, Gary isn't selling parts anymore, time to find a new person to consintrate your extra time and obsessions on.

If any of you need help or advise feel free to call anytime, I'm still glad to help
My phone number is always posted unlike somebody else.

I was on e baby and this sale popped up. I couldn't resist to say something about this clown and the B S he has posted on e bay.

I find it amazing nobody ever speaks up about guys like this.

Well I spoke my peace,

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Re: Half track info sicko

Post by steveo916 » Sat May 19, 2018 9:26 am

wow you sound really upset Gary
maybe you go into your padded room and stand in the corner for a while
m16 halftrack

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