variation in DUKW wheel sizes?

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variation in DUKW wheel sizes?

Post by uglydukwling » Sun Dec 01, 2019 8:30 am

I bought a set of new tires for my DUKW, and I've been getting them mounted as I get the old tires off and sandblast and paint the wheels. I mounted the first one myself and it slid on all right. The only problem was keeping the valve centered in the slot, but I decided I was too old and lazy to wrestle with heavy tires and wheels, so I took the second one to a local tire shop. He got it mounted with no problem.

The fun began with the third one. I got a call that "the wheel is too big" and the tire won't go on. The wheels have all had tires on them before, they all came from the same source (Motor Wheel) and they all have the same thickness of paint. In fact, that's one reason I didn't have them powder coated. I don't have a big enough micrometer to measure the wheels, but measuring with a spring caliper, they all look the same. The obvious conclusion is that the variation is in the tires, not the wheels. BUT, when I took the next wheel in, he said the same tire "slid right on". He now has the fourth wheel and tire. Same story. Doesn't fit.

I'd call BS, but he has nothing to gain by lying to me. It's not as though he had a set of replacement wheels to sell me.
The next likeliest explanation is incompetence. If I'd tried to mount them myself, I'd suspect I got the tire cocked on the wheel so it jammed, but this guy has been in the business a while, and a lot of his trade is agricultural, so he should know how to handle big, stiff tires.

I called the dealer I bought the tires from. He promised to call Coker and see if they had any suggestions. I may end up loading the remaining tires and wheels and taking them back and telling him mounting them is his problem, but he's 3 hours away, (These aren't a size that every corner service station carries.) so I'd like to avoid that, if possible. I guess I should have gotten all the wheels ready before I bought the tires and had him mount them in the first place. While I wait for him to call back, does anyone have any suggestions?

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Re: variation in DUKW wheel sizes?

Post by junking » Sun Dec 01, 2019 11:14 am

Sorry to hear about the problems here. I dont have a Dukw but often had challenges with old wheels/rims. Did you happen to take a diameter measurement of the rim seat OD and tire ID with a string? Fairly easy calc from circumfrance to determine diameter delta. Not exact but may help.

Wondering if that particular tire had excess ID flash not trimmed? The rum may need to have paint blasted and primed.

Hope you get this resolved soon.
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