CJ3A Front and Rear brake Wheel Cylinders interchangeable ?

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CJ3A Front and Rear brake Wheel Cylinders interchangeable ?

Post by patrickt » Mon Nov 04, 2019 9:14 pm

Hello All ! My first time on G503 here.
First an introduction about my jeep. I have what i believe to be an older (1950`s) Mitsubishi-Willys Jeep (tall hood jeep like a CJ3B). I think it might be the civilian version called a J3. It has been with me for over 10 years now, but has passed through different hands, so unfortunately has had various mods done to it, including a 4dr5 diesel, which to my knowledge were available in the newer Mitsu-Willys jeeps.

Now on to my concern. I still have what i assume are the original 9" drums all around. But then, the brake Wheel Cylinders size on the rear isnt right. I have 1" Wagner-Lockheed FD-7379 ones on all four drum brakes. My wheel cylinder looks virtually identical to what i`ve seen for the CJ3A, Willys MB, M38. Sorry, dont know how to post pics yet. After doing rounds with the known stores around here, it seems like nobody carries my wheel cylinder in the 3/4" size (for my rear brake drums).

I`m even wondering if these are the original brakes for my jeep (?), though it looks to be at least period correct. Anyway, i saw someone on the net saying he had these Wagner-Lockheed FD-7379 on the front drums of his CJ3A, but i need them for my rear drums. So my question is wether the front and rear wheel cylinders are interchangeable ? As in wether they have the same exterior dimensions, to include how far the piston`s notched end sticks out, such that my brake shoes would make proper contact with them, mounting hole and bleeder valve measurements. I asked because i have no choice but to get these 3/4" ones from overseas (discounted prices now on RFJP). Thank You ! patrick

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