M762 trailer markings

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M762 trailer markings

Post by KA9DVL » Thu Aug 18, 2022 3:30 pm

Will you share any pics of M762
I’m looking to see how they were identified
Both US Army and USMC
Did the Navy ever have any? If so pics of them would be great too



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Re: M762 trailer markings

Post by muttguru » Sun Aug 21, 2022 3:09 pm

The M762 trailer had its own dataplate and it stated that the Contract was signed in 1967.

Also on that dataplate is the Part Number list, which is 8736755. Has anyone seen a copy of this list, or better still, actually has a copy of it?

Likewise, the M416B1 trailer data plate refers to a Part Number list, which is 8736623.

Both these lists were most likely to be USMC-specific.

Contact address - muttguru@aol.com
Always wanted - Details and pictures of M416 Trailer data plates & M151 data plates & body-tags for my research. Thanks!

Kaiser Krazy
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Re: M762 trailer markings

Post by Kaiser Krazy » Thu Aug 25, 2022 11:49 am

Certainly no expert here, but I've had a few of the M652's, usually from the National Guard, so may not mean anything. But, unit markings on the rear crossmember only. I've not seem one with any markings on front crossmember or side cross members. Not much room on side with special fenders and their mounting plates and lift loops. So, rear crossmember is largest blank canvas on which to paint.

I presume with the lift loops/bars, that most were USMC, the Army would have used more M416's, but would also have used the M762,I presume. But, I also have thought about the M274 mule in the same regard...were any used by the Navy? And, if so, would they be Gloss grey with black markings. I have not seem a period photo of a USN mule or 762.

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