New Mighty Mite owner

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New Mighty Mite owner

Post by ajsamantha » Wed Nov 21, 2018 4:25 pm

I just bought a 1961 Mighty Mite serial# 1730. I am interested in finding out about its history, if it was in combat. Anyone know how you can find out this info?
thanks Marc

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Re: New Mighty Mite owner

Post by Dukes » Sun Dec 02, 2018 8:20 am


I'm looking the same type of information. I think most of these likely passed through Barstow or Albany which are the USMC logistics bases.

Do you have hood numbers, any other markings?

I'm going to ask some friends at the MC Museum and the MC History Division if they have info on logistics and associated shipping records. If they were accepted then shipped overseas there are records. The unit that took ownership would have had to report these on their TO although they may have just been tracked at the Motor T Battalion level. I suspect if they were sent to Korea or Viet Nam they were other destroyed or left behind.

I'm certain there are Marines on here that could confirm if the ones that were shipped over were left or brought home. I served in the MC from 1987-2010 and I never recall seeing a M-422 in Japan, Korea or any of the other places I served. I'm pretty sure they have one in the Museum so I'll see if one of the historians can help.


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