Jugs, etc.

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Jugs, etc.

Post by takpak » Mon Aug 12, 2019 6:22 pm

As the restoration of my MM continues, I am now into the engine. Finally got the pistons and jugs out (rather the machine shop did) and it was tough. The question of the day is....for those who have had the jugs recoated (nikasil I assume) who or where did you send them for the work? Did it come out good? It appears that my jugs are restore-able, however the pistons are shot. The rings are so rusted/fused to the pistons they are now a "part of them" and when things finally came apart, it scraped off the rest of the chrome on the jugs. So, where to get "new" pistons, rings, piston pins, and where to send the jugs. Otherwise the engine is in pretty good shape. The heads have been rebuilt/refurbished, and the crank and cam shafts are both in great shape. Just the pistons and rings from sitting unused for over 50 years.
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Re: Jugs, etc.

Post by walcdc69 » Tue Aug 13, 2019 6:35 pm

Hi there,
I used Millennium Technologies. https://www.millennium-tech.net.They did an outstanding job on my MM jugs. I sent them the cylinders and new pistons and they did the rest. Two of my cylinders could not be saved, so I had to send them two different cylinders. Real easy to deal with. The price was $249.00 ea cylinder, plus shipping. Pistons and rings are available from DL Bensinger. Also EGGE Pistons, egge.com will have the rings.
My MM is a 1962 as well. I just finished going through it.
If you are looking other for parts or info, Rob Walsh from Idaho can help you as well. (First class!!) He is a member here.
Good luck to you,

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