Dodge WC-53 Carryall seating configuration

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Dodge WC-53 Carryall seating configuration

Post by jdnewman1 » Thu Jul 06, 2023 9:21 am

Would anyone happen to know or have a layout for where the middle and rear seats are mounted/positioned in the rear section of a WC-53 Carryall. My Carryall has some of the original wood flooring but a majority of it is missing. I was hoping to install the seat mounting floor brackets to where they were originally. I would appreciate any help that may be offered.

Thank you!

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Re: Dodge WC-53 Carryall seating configuration

Post by zepher11 » Thu Jul 06, 2023 4:15 pm

I snipped this photo a while back for a WC53. I'm thinking this is for the radio mount configuration. I was going to do mine with the two rear seats:
WC53 37.jpg
WC53 Seat Configuration

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Re: Dodge WC-53 Carryall seating configuration

Post by jim_lee » Mon Aug 14, 2023 4:29 pm

WOW! How about a drawing of the WC53 battery tray? Is that available anywhere? I have the mounts, the box.. Even a hinge. But nothing but rotting plywood for the tray.

-jim lee

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