Vehicle Unit Markings - Order of Battle

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Vehicle Unit Markings - Order of Battle

Post by John Neuenburg » Fri Nov 27, 2020 11:47 am

I have the big book "Order of Battle - US Army WWII" which gives great details of which units were in which units plus a short history of the unit during the war. If anybody is choosing markings for vehicles or just wants to know things like what regiments were in what divisions, what overseas assignments the division was in (Corps, etc.), in some cases the typical makeup of the unit in 1944 versus 1941, what was the number of the medical battalion in the 32nd Infantry Division in 1944, what campaigns the unit was credited for, and in many cases what the distinctive insignia was for the unit, just ask.
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Re: Vehicle Unit Markings - Order of Battle

Post by Frankie » Tue Dec 01, 2020 6:27 pm

OK. My father was in the 733d Engineer Depot Co during WW2. I have been unable to determine what their next higher HQ was, however the unit wore the ETOUSA SSI, so presumably they were subordinate to ETOUSA? The 733d was in the Oise sector in France. I would like to determine what bumper markings they would have used. I have two Jeep pictures from the 733d in France but they have no bumper markings at all. I have a pic of men of the 733d that clearly shows the word “DEPOT” on a large crane but nothing else. There is almost no info about the 733d on the net. Any idea whether any depot companies (there were many) would have used ETOUSA with the company designation?

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