ford gpw 27655 18.5.1942

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ford gpw 27655 18.5.1942

Post by angiolovignolo » Sat Aug 27, 2022 10:43 am

after many years of waiting I am trying to finish the recovery of my ford also because not long ago I found a slat grill in the Tuscan countryside near my house that for now I have put in stock. as I told you I have finished the mechanics and the bodywork is about to be painted. I don't really want to write special signs on the car with the numbers of battalions that have passed through Tuscany, also because I think that almost all those who landed in Italy have passed in front of my house. i live in the countryside, i have a farm near san gimignano. only those. no stars, no battalion writings. I would like to use the car often and I don't want to overdo it. i live in a small town. I cannot understand how the number on the hood was formed. I have read here and there on the internet but I did not understand. maybe I'm too old. can someone help me thanks

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Re: ford gpw 27655 18.5.1942

Post by Heath MI » Fri Sep 02, 2022 11:06 am

To summarize, the hood registration numbers were a US War Department requirement. The vehicles came from the factory with blue colored numbers, but most field units painted over them with white lettering. I asked a similar form of your question awhile back regarding what my own Jeep’s registration number would’ve been — no luck finding the answer and I’m not sure the answers exist anymore.

I’m assuming that your vehicle is an actual wartime vehicle? Personally, I think WWII Jeeps look better with the registration numbers and the unit markings. I painted mine by hand as if an Army Pvt. was just tasked to repaint the hood numbers (I.e., a situation my grandfather could’ve been in when he was in the war as a lowly Private). Of course, it’s all a matter of choice.

However, if you do put hood numbers on, I would suggest finding a copy of AR 850-5 US Military Equipment Markings, Section III, Vehicles. It talks about how it should be displayed. A better book is “US Army Vehicle Markings, 1944”, by Jean Bouchery & Philippe Charbonnier. Really good book with plenty of reference photos. The Jeep hood numbers always start with the number “20”, because they were classified as liaison and reconnaissance vehicles. The rest was the production number. Example: 20123456.

Hope that helps. I’m sure some of the other members on the forum probably have additional information that can assist you. Good luck on your vehicle.

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