M151A2 for sale

1959 - 1978, M151, M151A1, M151A2 jeeps, NO EBAY or COMMERCIAL SALES.
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M151A2 for sale

Post by RonG » Mon Apr 20, 2020 10:09 pm

M151-A2; Titled and registered in California. Manufactured by American Motors General and believed to be 1973 year of production.

$10,000 for the vehicle and the spare parts. Vehicle and spare parts are in Marin County, California (about 15 miles and 25 minutes north of San Francisco).

Un-cut, was not de-mil. Vehicle is in good operating condition. Mileage is 19,300. Has been garaged for the past 17 years when not in use; was used on vacations in southern Utah / Sierras and as an occasional driver around SF Bay Area. Engine starts right up. Oil pressure, water temperature and generator output are all at specifications. I have electronic copies of almost all of the manuals including operator's manual, parts, repairs, camo paint scheme, etc.

The body is in good condition. There were a few body repairs upon my original acquisition that were generally small body welding and straightening small dents. The body is not in “parade” condition and could be improved in a few areas but overall, it looks good.
There is some rust under the battery box. I put a plywood panel under the batteries to bridge any weak spots. There is a crack about 6" long under the passenger-side door way; this is not readily visible and looks like a stress crack which could be welded. Undercarriage looks good.

Paint: The exterior body color is Rustoleum “Aluminum Green”. I had originally re-painted it to OD Green. While this was a stock base color, it was really not suitable for driving in a traffic environment, at night, or in the rain. The “Aluminum Green” paint would make a very good base coat if one were to choose to paint it back to OD Green or camo scheme. I have pictures of the original paint scheme (Camo) with ID numbers. The interior is painted to OD Green.

The current tires (and spare) are Michelin LTX A/S light truck tires. These are excellent tires for all terrain, mud, snow, and urban driving. As with the OD Green paint, the original NDT tires were not suitable for the driving that I was doing.

Other than routine maintenance (oil changes, filters, etc.) not a lot has been done or was needed on the vehicle mechanically. The following was done:
Brakes and wheels: At about 17,500 miles, all brakes and wheel bearings were replaced. This included bearings, seals, shoes, springs, drums, rubber hose lines, master cylinder, shocks. Brake / clutch pedal assembly was disassembled, cleaned, painted, and lubricated.
Engine: valves adjusted; air cleaner element (currently using aftermarket Fram cellulose element,oil-bath element is in storage); radiator was re-cored and an overflow coolant tank was added; installed an oil pressure and coolant temperature alarm; installed a NOS gas tank; rebuilt the drive shafts; added a battery disconnect switch. There is a small coolant 'seep' in upper part of radiator. This could be repaired but did not seem to me to be worth the cost or effort. Adding an ounce of coolant once a year is routine maintenance to me.

Front seats were self re-covered in denim with new foam; the original seat covers in storage (one canvas and one vinyl); rear bench seat is original canvas; vinyl top is in good condition with side netting; front seat belts were replaced with NOS.

Original fixtures: I removed or changed out some fixtures when I got it (Shackles, B/O light, anchor point D-rings, pintle hitch, grab handle, etc.). All of these are on hand and can be readily reattached if desired for authenticity.

The sale price includes spare parts, see attached list. I am not interested in selling any spare parts other than being included with the sale of the vehicle.

The parts list is reasonably accurate. I may be off (over or under) on the quantity of items or exact description. The list is deemed reliable but not guaranteed; no credit if I'm under but no extra charge if I'm over.

If you have any questions, post here or PM. I may take a day or so to reply but I will respond when I can.


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Re: M151A2 for sale

Post by RonG » Sat May 09, 2020 9:06 pm

Vehicle has been sold. $8,750.00.

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