Remanufactued M151 Engines and Transmissions

1959 - 1978, M151, M151A1, M151A2 jeeps, NO EBAY or COMMERCIAL SALES.
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Remanufactued M151 Engines and Transmissions

Post by bazookajoe » Wed Dec 12, 2018 10:35 am

I have a small supply of re-manufactured engines, short blocks, cylinder heads and transmissions for sale. These do not have radiators. These can be picked up in Syracuse NY. I also offer installation services
Complete A-2, engine and transmission (less radiator) $1850.
Complete A-1, engine and transmission (less radiator) $1850.
Complete A-i engine w/bell housing, new clutch (less radiator)$1075.
A-2 short block $425.
A-2 cylinder head $375 complete
A-2 cylinder head w/hardened valve seats, complete, $475
A-1 cylinder head minus rocker assy. $325.
A-1 engine complete (minus tranny) $725.
A-1 transmission minus shift cane $425.
Only engines that were in excellent and low mileage condition to begin with have been used in these processes . Engine blocks were disassembled, cleaned,flushed, honed and new soft plugs installed.New front and rear main seals. If any wear on the bearings was present they were replaced.Engines were then reassembled using assembly lube with all parts slathered with oil to prevent corrosion. Cylinder heads were disassembled,flushed,new soft plug,new thermostat,new exhaust manifold,valve job.
Carburetor rebuilt,distributor rebuilt, new coil,new electronic module or points for wires,new clutch,new throw out and pilot bearings,fuel pump or vacuum pump rebuilt,new oil filter and fresh oil'
Transmissions were disassembled ,inspected and had new seals installed.
I can also install any of these items in your jeep.
Most items are mounted on skids for shipping.
Yes i know you can buy a power pack for $500 but can you trust an engine that was laying on its side in the dirt for 35 years??? I have to pay a mechanic $85 an hour to work on my toyota as do all of you. Parts and labor aren't free and i have been restoring mutts for 25 years and own 4 myself. These units look and perform as new and i invite anyone to come and inspect my shop and work. I can send pictures if you are interested.

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