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Proper Conduct

Posted: Thu Apr 22, 2004 5:35 am
by Moderator
Let's all try to conduct ourselves with dignity and efficiency when buying and selling on these forums.

There have been a few complaints about transactions, mostly of a petty nature. Seems no one is ripping anyone off but buyers and sellers often drop the ball on fully completing their end of the bargain and it frustrates the other party to no end. Then they write in.

For example, if you promise paperwork with the sale provide it along with the item and don't think you're going to go back and do it at a later date. Seems that for many of you, that day never comes.

Location, Location, Location. If it's not shown in your Profile, then state the Location from where the item will be sent.

Also, if you're going to ship the item, be clear which party is responsible for arranging and paying for shipping and make sure you give accurate shipping weights and the zip code from which the item will ship, especially, if it is different from the zip code to which you asked that the payment be sent.

If there are places you won't ship to or there are places you will only ship to, "Like lower 48 only", please say so in your initial post.

Remember this is a "For Sale" Board not an Auction Forum. If you state a price, and have "Or Near Offer (ONO)" it's not an Auction. If you ask for an Offer and no stated price it's going to be moved to the Auction Forum.
If you fail to list a price and having potential buyers asking for a price in subsequent replies to your post, and you fail to respond within a reasonable time, it will be moved to the Auction Forum