Military Sale 24-25 April - Annandale, NJ

1959 - 1978, M151, M151A1, M151A2 jeeps, NO EBAY or COMMERCIAL SALES.
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Military Sale 24-25 April - Annandale, NJ

Post by doctordirt » Fri Apr 02, 2021 5:35 pm

I am holding another military swap meet & sale on 24-25 April in Annandale, NJ. (Saturday and Sunday) Outdoor sale, but masks would be required to enter the indoor garages.
9am-4pm Saturday
9am-3pm Sunday

1325 Route 31 South, Annandale, NJ. Garages are located behind Max Spann Real Estate Auctions office

Three other owner/collectors are selling military items as well. Please don't show up early.

Specific M151 parts I have:
A1 NOS in-tank fuel pump in the box
Front seat frames
Vinyl seat backs and bottoms
Canvas seat backs and bottoms
Rear vinyl seat bottom
Transmission tunnel cover
A2 USMC type take off bumper
Vinyl tops
M4 MG Mount risers
Hood latches
GRC-160 radio complete with mount
Antenna matching units NOS
NOS decon kit in the box
A1 Grille
Winter grille canvas cover
MP red flashing light w/wiring and dash switch
Composite light covers
A1 blackout lights
Camouflage netting
A1 NOS in-tank fuel pump in the box
A1 tow pintle
24 volt headlights
Original 1980 dated cases of MRE's
VN Era web gear
Plus radio cables and other parts
And much much more! MB & GPW stuff as well - and lots of surplus stuff, too!!
1942 Ford GPW
1944 Willys MB Litter carrier
1944 Willys MB-SOLD
1942 Bantam Trailer
1945 Bantam Trailer
1946 CJ-2A-SOLD
1964 M151A1-SOLD
1967 M416 Trailer-SOLD
1972 M151A2
1986 M1008-SOLD
1952 M43 Ambulance-SOLD
Amateur radio callsign - WW2DOC

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