Help with "coil" style mule ignition

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Help with "coil" style mule ignition

Post by schil123 » Mon Nov 27, 2017 10:25 pm

Hello all!

I am ready to fire my latest mule. It has the style ignition with, what I would call 2 "coils" for each cylinder. I have NO spark. How do I test this style ignition? What part is bad, "coils" or "distributor / mag" ????? Or just switch to magneto....

Does anyone have an extra mag to sell? If so, how much?

Thank you


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Re: Help with "coil" style mule ignition

Post by muleman7 » Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:49 am

This is how I would test a magneto:
1-Remove it from the mule and place the base in a vise
2-Remove the top and disconnect the condenser
3-File or sand the points with 600 grit clean with contact cleaner then wipe with clean paper adj to 0.016"
4-Impulse the mag and watch for a spark at the points it should be blue and bright
5-When you get the points to spark attach the condenser and impulse the mag watching for the points to spark
6-if NO SPARK you have a bad condenser it is shorting the points.
7-If the points spark then attach the top and connect the ignition wires
8-Hold the wires about 1/2-1" apart and impulse the mag you should see a bright blue spark
9-Then short 1 wire to the cap and hold the other about 1/2-1" from the cap and impulse the mag you should see a bright blue spark
10-Reverse the wires and check for spark
11-If all works as above install the mag
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