Bonnet numbers

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Bonnet numbers

Post by nscars » Wed Jul 24, 2019 4:12 pm

Could someone able to find out my bonnet numbers. It’s a 1943 ford. GPW134248
Many thanks.

Chuck Lutz
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Re: Bonnet numbers

Post by Chuck Lutz » Thu Jul 25, 2019 10:16 am

You need to check with Tom on Facebook.
He will need a pic of the data plate and a pic of the frame stamping large enough to see where it is stamped on the frame.
With Ford sending out batches of USA numbers to each factory it isn't as simple as a sequential approach like you might find at Willys.
The serial number isn't the end-all either as Ford also sent out numbered engines to each factory as they needed them. For instance if I had GPW-134249, it could have been a motor sent to a different factory and have a DOD of weeks away from yours and therefore have a hood number that is thousands away from yours. Then again, if I had a GPW that was only say, 100 serial numbers away from another one, it might have fallen into a completely different contract with a different batch of USA numbers altogether.

Checking the old Serial Number list on the gee is another pitfall....if somebody posted their serial number info and it was, say 50 jeeps after yours but he didn't actually FIND the USA number on his jeep but used a generator on some website or worse yet, that owner just pulled his out of thin air based on some jeep he saw, you can be following a false lead that way!

See how this gets crazy REAL fast?

That is the best place to check as all other estimating sources are not as detailed as Tom's data base and research shows.

Good Luck
Chuck Lutz

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