MARK 3 Bomb trailer help?

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MARK 3 Bomb trailer help?

Post by law » Tue Sep 06, 2022 7:23 am

Late year I picked up this U.S. Navy Bomb Trailer, Mark 3. I am finally going to start working on it, but have found zero info on the Mark 3. I have found documents, photos and info on the Mark 3 MOD 1 and MOD 2, but nothing for what I will call the “MOD 0”. I think I can safely assume that the fenders and deck were bubba added to this trailer post war, so I feel safe removing them, but would love to get some info, photos and documentation on the ordinal Mark 3 before going any further. Any and all help is appreciated.
IMG_6294 copy.JPG
IMG_6297 copy.JPG
IMG_6295 copy.JPG
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