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Re: Would you guess the age of that GI?

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 9:24 am
by W. Winget
I think it's a variation of the Salvage Boat, LCPL (Landing Craft Personnel Large)
(EDIT: I'm wrong, it's a British LCA (landing Craft Assault )Image

And those would be the deck covers piled up. More research, only way to go. :oops:

Original post:
(Edit: Still, watch this vid:) :wink:
If you watch the beach salvage video on YouTube,
the tray ("Line Rack Aft") at the back of the craft is the place they lay out 150' of the line so they can go in and follow the Assault Landing Boats and landing craft in and toss them a line, then back out into the surf and tie off, take out slack and pull the boats back through the surf.
This would be an LCPL, one salvage boat per 15 Landing craft that follows in the middle behind the landing, extracts those that get stuck or worse and keeps things clear on the beach.
The video is great showing gear they were to bring, pumps, buckets if needed, radio operator or signal man, etc.
I have searched for LCPL and LCPR (ramp) and neither have a spooled winch or line coil on the stern/bow, also (not evident in this photo) where would the engine be if it were an LCP? maybe it's the angle of the photo. (See correction above British LCA) :oops:
Watch the Vid, it's neat.
V/R W Winget