John Wood handcart axle nut removal

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John Wood handcart axle nut removal

Post by KSflatlander » Sun Sep 29, 2019 5:51 pm

Hello, all. I'm enjoying the forum.
I have a 1944 J Wood handcart that I used as a kid to haul my lawn mower around town mowing yards. Nowadays it occasionally hauls a deer out of the woods during deer season, or tree stands to be put up. Until I found this forum, I had no idea they had collector value.
A couple of weeks ago, my son and I were returning from putting up a deer stand, when one of the wheels on the cart seized up. I've had my local auto mechanic, and the auto shop teacher, the machine shop teacher, and the welding instructor at the high school where I teach examine the nut that holds the wheel on the axle, and we've deduced that some type of spanner wrench is probably called for, but this thing is TIGHT! They were all reluctant to take extreme measures because I had explained that the cart had some collector value.

Any advice from this forum on how to remove the nut from the axle and what type of repairs might be required once I get the thing disassembled would be appreciated.

FYI: I'm sure it's my fault the wheel seized up because I failed to keep it properly greased. The cart is towed at low speeds behind an ATV, and never more than about 3/4 mile per trip.
I've really enjoyed seeing the photos and reading the other posts on the forum!

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Re: John Wood handcart axle nut removal

Post by jfo137 » Fri Oct 18, 2019 10:53 am


Lets see if I can help, here is a diagram of the axle assembly. Sometimes over the years the parts may have been changed or replaced with non original pieces so yours might not look like this. Step one lots of penetrating oil, step two remove the nut "D" with the correct size socket (I forget what size off the top of my head), step 3 pull star washer "E" straight off, step 4 remove nut assy "F''. I have used a rubber type strap wrench to get them off without messing them up. If its on really tight you might have to use a pipe wrench-just be careful not to tear it up. After that parts G,H should pull off and the rim should pull off. Hope this helps! You might want to post a pic of what you have so we can see your issue.

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Re: John Wood handcart axle nut removal

Post by retro-roco » Mon Oct 21, 2019 6:29 am

There is an issued spanner available specifically for removing the part marked "f".

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