PE-95 K instruction decals picture request.

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PE-95 K instruction decals picture request.

Post by Bart1015 » Fri Jan 04, 2019 9:15 am

Hello all,

I have a really nice, mostly untouched, PE-95 K generator that I am trying to get up to par.

Find it fascinating that every part has a label. Each label is either a part number or instructions. It looks like the manufacture used the same type of decal that the modelers use. It looks like, and is as fragile as the "wet and slide" decals. A few of the decals are now unreadable.

I have bought the supplies to attempt to replicate the decals but I need a few pictures of what the labels said.

So, I am looking for the following pictures (even if your labels are not great, I can still use them)

- The label that is on the side of the gas tank. It is a large label that is about 8x2 inches. Mine is totally unreadable.
- The label on the "Cuno" type oil filter. Mine says something about every 8 hours.
- The labels on the radiator hoses. They are on the metal pipes.

Please send them to or I can send you my phone number for text.

Any help is welcome,

Thank you,

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