Hobart Welder with MB Engine

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Hobart Welder with MB Engine

Post by TwoCar » Wed Jul 25, 2018 8:25 am

Hello All.

I found this very nice Hobart Welder with an MB engine. It was used up until a few years ago when the previous owner bought a smaller unit.

Is this the "original" era engine for this welder? I'm not well-versed in welders, but thought that these units were post WWII.

The oil can is very cool!
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Re: Hobart Welder with MB Engine

Post by gpwmke » Wed Jul 25, 2018 9:03 am

I have bought and scrapped out a few Hobart welders for their engines. My own best guess is Hobart bought allot of surplus engines after the war and put them in their welders. It appears 46 thru 48 Hobarts had surplus engines in them and they still had the skid plate oil pan on the engines.After 48 Hobart put CJ style blocks in their units with casting number 641087 also with the skid plate oil pan. There is also a strong possibility the welders had any jeep engine a repair guy could find when an engine stopped working. Eventually new welders probably in early 50's were bought new with Willys/Kaiser Industrial engines with casting number 90**** and a tag under distributor giving manufacturer and serial number info. My best find was a Hobart welder that may have been reengined with a surplus jeep engine from WW2. Casting number was 638632 which is a Willys/Wilson manufactured block BUT all of the parts on it and in it were GPW. This engine appears to have been very lightly used and when I had it torn down for rebuild all the parts that came out of it were Ford and I was able to reuse all of them except 2 intake valve because the stems were too rusted to get a positive seal with the guides. Machine date on the block was 6-4-42 or 6-7-42 and the only other parts that were not marked Ford or GPW were the main bearing caps which were probably line bored at the Wilson factory before it was shipped to Ford. Some sources here say Ford engine casting production could not keep up with demand in mid 42 I believe, and Ford got blocks from Wilson to keep production going.

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Re: Hobart Welder with MB Engine

Post by sjalbert » Wed Jul 25, 2018 9:35 am

I'd add that by casting date and serial number that is a 1945 engine.
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Re: Hobart Welder with MB Engine

Post by D.R.H. » Wed Jul 25, 2018 5:00 pm

Hey TwoCar, here are a couple of photos of what the assembly should look like. Nice find by the way. Now all you need is a Ben Hur chassis to install your welder on and you're ready to burn some steel!! There is a guy in the larger trailer forum that is trying to sell a Ben Hur that is kinda rough. It may make a suitable donor................ :wink:


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