Southern California no longer registering MVs

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Re: Southern California no longer registering MVs

Post by Retired War Horses » Sat Jun 08, 2019 8:40 am

Lots of bad info in these replies as it pertains to titling for road use on HMMWV’s, let me set the record a bit straighter.

1. Any and all vehicles that enter calif must have a vin exceptions.
2. As of Nov 2017, any HMMWV requiring vin verification MUST per DMV be Vin verified by DMV ONLY.

New Information
There are three different types of government surplus vehicles (GSVs):
 Government Surplus Vehicles (GSVs)—Can be from any federal agency except the military. Most of these vehicles are complying and have:
—A 17 digit vehicle identification number (VIN).
—An emission label.
—A Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) label.
 Military Vehicles (Humvees)—Are usually sold through auctions and
cannot be registered for on-highway use. However, they may be registered for off- highway use if written on the United States Government Certification to Obtain Title to a Vehicle (SF 97-1) form. These vehicles will not have:
—A 17 digit VIN, but will have a serial number.
—A secondary or alternate VIN.
—An emission label.
—An FMVSS label.
 Tactical Vehicles—Are military vehicles except they have a U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Certificate to Register a Tactical Vehicle (DLA 1928) form. These vehicles can be registered for on-highway use, only when an exempt agency is using these vehicles for defense exercises. The U.S. government remains the lien holder on these vehicles. Tactical vehicles will not have: —A 17 digit VIN, but will have a serial number.
—A secondary or alternate VIN. —An emission label.
—An FMVSS label.
 GSVs
— For titling purposes, these vehicles must have an SF 97-1.
• Military Vehicles
—Do not accept a Verification of Vehicle (REG 31) form from anyone except the
Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If DMV is unable to find the serial number, refer the customer to the California Highway Patrol (CHP).
—Customers will have an SF 97-1 in lieu of titling documents. If the SF 97-1 is lost, the customer must get a duplicate from the auction. If the auction cannot provide a duplicate, they must provide the contact information of the federal government agency where one can be obtained

Also worth noting, in conjunction with this change, the VIN verification form changed to add “HMMWV” as a specific reason
To cite off Hwy only, as well as address SF97 type vehicles.

The person who got his plates taken away was an exception to the rule, he was issued plates by accident at the local DMV, in the mean time, his registration was suspended to TC “technical compliance” division where they figured it out, thus demanding plates back, I’ve had this very thing happen to several customers.
I must tell a potential buyer once a week, DO NOT BUY an out of state titled hmmwv and attempt to get it California titled, unfortunately so far, my warnings have been ignored by these people and 100% of them have been blocked or Registration has been revoked after they slipped through.
Also, AAA cannot perform any sort of service for these trucks, Only DMV can over ride the 6 digit serial number used as the VIN.
So they will send you to DMV.

I’ve attempted to work with my congressman and his office to get policy change, I’ve tried to work with VFW as a support chain to help move it along, all pretty much fell on deaf ears, They were more interested in giving away gift cards and having crab feeds, yet they are always asking for military vehicles for parades and events, I even offered to donate a HMMWV for the cause!
No one would take ownership to store it...

AFAIC, this is a CARB led assault...California Air Resources Board is the equivalent of the Politburo.
DMV has on several occasions sent me to them as the reason for denials of road registration.
What I find odd is this, you will allow me to operate the truck off road, in some of the most pristine areas of California, such as the rubicon and the likes, tearing up the environment you so dearly love, but I can’t take it to a parade or a Sunday drive.
I pushed hard for Historical plates with the limitations outlined by DMV and it’s uses...I had no problem with that.
But NOPE...they were willling to allow issuance of a 1 day trip permit with a 50 mile max round trip for a parade.
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Re: Southern California no longer registering MVs

Post by wreckless » Sun Sep 22, 2019 6:52 am

looks like all classic/antique vehicles in CA could be imperiled by legislation...

Kevin Hart Is Reportedly Preparing for Lawsuit Following Car Crash

A lawsuit could be pending as a result of Kevin Hart's serious car crash.

TMZ reports that both the driver and other passenger involved in the crash have obtained lawyers. Hart has assembled a legal team as well. Hart could be under fire from the driver—who sustained major back injuries—and the passenger, Rebecca Broxterman, who was able to walk away from the incident for the car's lack of safety features.

In an effort to keep the car's authenticity, Hart didn't add safety harnesses or airbags to his 1970 Plymouth Barracuda. According to insiders, the other victims feel like this added to their injuries and constitutes negligence. The driver could also face a lawsuit depending on the outcome of the California Highway Patrol's investigation.

Hart will reportedly argue that the unnamed company that customized his car is highly regarded and respected for their work. Even if Kevin requested a custom job without safety harnesses, the company could be on defense for not refusing the order and telling the comedian that this was unsafe.

This case could change the world of classic cars. Per law enforcement sources, the California Highway Patrol could push for a bill that makes adding safety harnesses and airbags to classic cars mandatory in the state of California. ... -car-crash

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Re: Southern California no longer registering MVs

Post by Chuck Lutz » Tue Sep 24, 2019 12:30 pm

Can't wait to hear what the Model T, Model A or Model B guys will say about adding airbags. Corvette owners and T-bird owners and MG-A or MG-B or even any convertible owner with a vehicle made prior to this century will freak out.

Maybe it would be possible to simply keep a Disclosure form that releases the driver/owner from such lawsuits that pivot on the SAFETY of the seat belts and/or lack of airbags. Lawsuits stemming from driver negligence (either vehicle in a crash) or DUI issues or even problems related to the manufacturer of the vehicle (think Tesla lately for one) should be no problem.

Perhaps all home owners should be required to add sprinklers to their homes. Maybe cut down all trees within 100 ft. of their house. Mandate that the State remove any flammable material (think grass) along all roads and remove any trees to prevent fires would be next.

Basically the "OMG" reactions to any of this stuff generally are enough to prevent enough legislators from getting on the bandwagon because 50% of their energy is devoted to getting reelected and pissing-off voters is usually the kiss of death in many jurisdictions.

Maybe its just that everybody digs WWII jeeps partly for their being in WWII but don't like the Humvee on the roads because it and the drivers tend to be a bit intimidating.
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Re: Southern California no longer registering MVs

Post by junking » Tue Sep 24, 2019 3:27 pm

Like most MV collectors in CA, I have had difficulties with the DMV. I was sent to get my VIN verification with ca highway patrol. The officer asked what kind of vehical. I mistakenly called it a WC. He also said we do not verify any MVs. I told him it was not a HUMVEE. He also said call it what you want. It is a MV and their rules dont differentiate between different types. I'm on the central coast and this happened 4 months ago.

I have another MV to register. My recommendation is never tell them it is military and if someone gives you an answer you dont like, get back in line and ask someone else. I spent a couple days doing this. If I saw I was heading to the same person, i would get back in line. I would also try different dmv offices. Make sure you have all your documents ready: at minimum BOS, statement of facts, and old paperwork.

My latest project was abandoned so I need to start from scratch....

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Re: Southern California no longer registering MVs

Post by Chuck Lutz » Thu Sep 26, 2019 5:29 pm

You should have asked him exactly who this mysterious "we" is, and requested he quote you chapter and verse of the CA Motor Vehicle Code that no longer registers MVs. Maybe the better way is to go a local CHP office and not the DMV office and have the MV on a trailer. I would bet if you parked in their visitors parking lot that sooner or later a CHP officer who is into MVs would come by to check out your rig. Seeing as how it might take him/her all of three minutes for you to pop the hood, point out the neatly revealed frame number (GPW) or the frame tag (MB) and the data plate and any paperwork including the BOS, he/she might help you out.

I don't get the "no longer registering" bit at all.....every year I send in my money to "register" my GPW and nobody ever sent it back from DMV.
Chuck Lutz

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Re: Southern California no longer registering MVs

Post by zepher11 » Thu Sep 26, 2019 5:57 pm

I just registered a GPW that I purchased out of Oregon at the California DMV. The only difference nowadays from a few years ago is that they now require me to pull the vehicle off the trailer and over to the area where they do the driving test. They will do the vehicle identification number verification there. No CHP verification required.

After verification, they make me move it back to the trailer and get back in line. Took me a bit to convince them that it was a 1943 GPW vs. a 1948 GPW as it was registered in Oregon. They changed it. However, when I introduced my 1941 license plates, yellow 1942 registration tab, and 1943 V for victory registration tab, their minds were blown and that cost me another hour. After several clerks, supervisors and managers, they were never able to figure it out, so had to send the whole mess down to Sacramento. It's been about three weeks now and still haven't heard anything. But I have my temporary registration pending my license plates.

I also have taken in Dodge WC's to DMV that I have restored and do not have a BOS or paperwork get them registered. Takes a bit to convince them, but eventually gets completed. Never ever call it a truck!! SUV and you are golden. Of course, I have regular/vintage plates and not historic plates on all my vehicles. Also, always go to the smallest most rural DMV one can find...

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Re: Southern California no longer registering MVs

Post by Bill H. » Fri Nov 08, 2019 5:04 pm

Any law enforcement officer can do a VIN verification in California. It does not have to be a CHP. That said, there are some agencies that have a policy of not doing them but they are still authorized to.
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