Southern California no longer registering MVs

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Re: Southern California no longer registering MVs

Post by Retired War Horses » Sat Jun 08, 2019 8:40 am

Lots of bad info in these replies as it pertains to titling for road use on HMMWV’s, let me set the record a bit straighter.

1. Any and all vehicles that enter calif must have a vin exceptions.
2. As of Nov 2017, any HMMWV requiring vin verification MUST per DMV be Vin verified by DMV ONLY.

New Information
There are three different types of government surplus vehicles (GSVs):
 Government Surplus Vehicles (GSVs)—Can be from any federal agency except the military. Most of these vehicles are complying and have:
—A 17 digit vehicle identification number (VIN).
—An emission label.
—A Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) label.
 Military Vehicles (Humvees)—Are usually sold through auctions and
cannot be registered for on-highway use. However, they may be registered for off- highway use if written on the United States Government Certification to Obtain Title to a Vehicle (SF 97-1) form. These vehicles will not have:
—A 17 digit VIN, but will have a serial number.
—A secondary or alternate VIN.
—An emission label.
—An FMVSS label.
 Tactical Vehicles—Are military vehicles except they have a U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Certificate to Register a Tactical Vehicle (DLA 1928) form. These vehicles can be registered for on-highway use, only when an exempt agency is using these vehicles for defense exercises. The U.S. government remains the lien holder on these vehicles. Tactical vehicles will not have: —A 17 digit VIN, but will have a serial number.
—A secondary or alternate VIN. —An emission label.
—An FMVSS label.
 GSVs
— For titling purposes, these vehicles must have an SF 97-1.
• Military Vehicles
—Do not accept a Verification of Vehicle (REG 31) form from anyone except the
Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If DMV is unable to find the serial number, refer the customer to the California Highway Patrol (CHP).
—Customers will have an SF 97-1 in lieu of titling documents. If the SF 97-1 is lost, the customer must get a duplicate from the auction. If the auction cannot provide a duplicate, they must provide the contact information of the federal government agency where one can be obtained

Also worth noting, in conjunction with this change, the VIN verification form changed to add “HMMWV” as a specific reason
To cite off Hwy only, as well as address SF97 type vehicles.

The person who got his plates taken away was an exception to the rule, he was issued plates by accident at the local DMV, in the mean time, his registration was suspended to TC “technical compliance” division where they figured it out, thus demanding plates back, I’ve had this very thing happen to several customers.
I must tell a potential buyer once a week, DO NOT BUY an out of state titled hmmwv and attempt to get it California titled, unfortunately so far, my warnings have been ignored by these people and 100% of them have been blocked or Registration has been revoked after they slipped through.
Also, AAA cannot perform any sort of service for these trucks, Only DMV can over ride the 6 digit serial number used as the VIN.
So they will send you to DMV.

I’ve attempted to work with my congressman and his office to get policy change, I’ve tried to work with VFW as a support chain to help move it along, all pretty much fell on deaf ears, They were more interested in giving away gift cards and having crab feeds, yet they are always asking for military vehicles for parades and events, I even offered to donate a HMMWV for the cause!
No one would take ownership to store it...

AFAIC, this is a CARB led assault...California Air Resources Board is the equivalent of the Politburo.
DMV has on several occasions sent me to them as the reason for denials of road registration.
What I find odd is this, you will allow me to operate the truck off road, in some of the most pristine areas of California, such as the rubicon and the likes, tearing up the environment you so dearly love, but I can’t take it to a parade or a Sunday drive.
I pushed hard for Historical plates with the limitations outlined by DMV and it’s uses...I had no problem with that.
But NOPE...they were willling to allow issuance of a 1 day trip permit with a 50 mile max round trip for a parade.
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