Title issues in Oregon: Updating VIN from engine plate to cab plate

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Title issues in Oregon: Updating VIN from engine plate to cab plate

Post by TadeO » Thu Nov 15, 2018 6:40 am


I've read some articles in the internet that it is still usual (or at least it was) thing to include engine plate/engine number on a title. Thus not sure why. However, when exporting (especially) either selling the vehicle with such title people experience problems. In Europe this becomes an issue where customs claiming VIN should be e.g. cab plate rather than engine number/engine plate.

Anyone knows how these things are resolved/addressed in Oregon DMV?
They do have an official form to change the information on a title (I suppose this should work for such case as in my subject) and they would probably change it if requested, but maybe someone recently gone through this in Oregon and they have changed their engine plate/number into cab/frame number on their vehicle's title? Would be interesting to know how that went, what was the process etc., and what DMV have requested to provide/to do.

Many thanks
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Re: Title issues in Oregon: Updating VIN from engine plate to cab plate

Post by The Fireman » Mon Nov 19, 2018 10:57 am


I live in Oregon and in the past if you took your vehicle to the DMV and their was an issue with the title, you would have to the vehicle inspected by a State Police Trooper. The title must match the frame number, not the screw on plate on the glove box. When I took my out of state 1943 GPW to be inspected, which had a title from the previous state, the DMV employee, wanted to see the frame stamping, the engine stamping, and the glove box stamping which were all original. If there was an issue, then it would have to be inspected and passed by a State Trooper.
I think a reproduction plate of any sorts which send up a red flag to the DMV employee. They have manuals to look up to determine where the numbers are located on the vehicle.

This probably doesn't answer your question, but this has just been my experience in the past,

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Re: Title issues in Oregon: Updating VIN from engine plate to cab plate

Post by Chuck Lutz » Fri Sep 06, 2019 5:30 pm

In California, it was common years ago to use the motor number as what eventually became the "VIN" number on your "pink slip" (title). That was halted when it became evident that if you did not rebuild your original motor and put in a different motor that it would have a different number on it and all of a sudden your pink slip and your vehicle had no numeric connection to one another.

This would be particularly difficult with an MB that had a different frame number from the engine number in the first place.

Anyone wanting to ship/import a jeep to Europe needs the paperwork to jive with the jeep numbers. Otherwise you could simply buy the cheapest POS with a title that you could find and then steal a jeep worth $20,000 when it arrives in Europe! Heck, you could just buy a title and steal a jeep and try to import it into Europe....but they aren't stupid. From fantastically expensive cars down to the lil ol' jeep, paperwork is paperwork and it has to match.

So, you can attempt to get a new title issued here but they will search to see if the frame number you are wanting to use on that GPW has been reported STOLEN or not. From there, you are just no different than anyone who is applying for a lost title which certainly isn't illegal. In that instance it probably is better to not even mention the incorrect title you have, just start over and get a new one issued. Maybe Oregon works like that as well?
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Re: Title issues in Oregon: Updating VIN from engine plate to cab plate

Post by dpcd67 » Sat Sep 07, 2019 3:18 pm

Here they do not go by the engine; even our DMV realizes that engines are COEI, not permanent parts of it, and are often and readily changed for good reasons. Our state goes by the data plates. Real or reproduction. Of course, my data plates match the frame numbers if anyone cared. The state just wants its money.
However, the lesson here is also, never argue with the DMV workers; they can hurt you and are not there to make your life easier. Do what they say.
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