Colorado banning military vehicles?

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Re: Colorado banning military vehicles?

Post by dpcd67 » Thu May 11, 2023 3:18 pm

Tenn is nice and I consider it is the best of the states; not too hot, not too cold, mountains if you want them, no state income tax. I wanted to move there, but someone else (you know, a female type) had other ideas (like stay here where the Army had sent me, before I retired).
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Re: Colorado banning military vehicles?

Post by Steve Webb » Thu May 11, 2023 3:29 pm

Tennessee is Florida turned sideways :wink: My Dad was born near Lawrenceburg and moved to Ohio when his Dad went to work in steel mill during war. We moved to Florida in 1967 no where else for me to live.
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Re: Colorado banning military vehicles?

Post by 17thAirborne » Thu May 11, 2023 3:34 pm

I agree on all counts. Happy to be here. Many from those other areas consider this state backwards and full of hicks so they won't move here. I like it that way. These patriotic and hick-like people (me included) carry and band together. We are holding our own, and making some progress to keep it that way.

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Re: Colorado banning military vehicles?

Post by RCASSIN » Fri May 12, 2023 1:48 pm

I would hope that gas vehicles would be grandfathered in...
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Re: Colorado banning military vehicles?

Post by halifaxgroup » Fri Sep 08, 2023 6:10 am

I have been corresponding with a very knowledgeable MV collector that lives in Colorado. He has at least five MV's.

He cannot get MV's titled or registered anymore. In fact, he states that Colorado is going through their records and rescinding titles of vehicles that have already been titled. Can this really be true?

If so the "pursuit of happiness", is null and void in Colorado.
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Re: Colorado banning military vehicles?

Post by wc56daveyboy » Fri Sep 08, 2023 12:57 pm

Oh it’s happening here, fellas.

I live in Colorado. I thought this nonesense would have been put to bed in the last legislative session in DENVER earlier this year.

I was assured that it would be fixed!!

But I guess it’s not important enough to get sponsorship.

Myself. I own three ww2 trucks.
when we first moved here 3+ years ago, I was very smart excepting the 5 year collector car plate for my wc12.
So I still have a few years left on that registration.

However, the title and/or registration can get revoked at anytime.

Yup you read that right!


Now if I get a title revoked on any of my trucks, I personally would seek the assistance of a lawyer

I mean, they are effectively taking a valuable vehicle and reducing its value considerably if they take my title and give me an off road title in return.

There simply MUST be something illegal about that wouldn’t you say?

Sure, they have the right (I guess) to take and revoke my registration. But to take my legal street title and issue an off road only title in return?

If I survive the next few years before renewal,
It still may get refused at time of renewal

Read how terrible it has become: ... tid=Zxz2cZ
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Re: Colorado banning military vehicles?

Post by wc56daveyboy » Fri Sep 08, 2023 12:59 pm

Here was my experience as written up on the MVPA page on Facebook:


I went to the DMV today to get my title and registration for one of my recently purchased ww2 era trucks. Dodge command car. Actually two trucks. Wc51 and wc57

The wc51 came out of a Montana with a completely legal and legit title
The wc57 came out of Tennesse also with a totaly legal transferable title

In a nut shell, I was informed that they have been instructed to NOT process ON ROAD title applications for military vehicles, regardless of age or make.

All Colorado DMV branches were given an “updated” version of the current law recently. A little bit confusing too I might add…it’s a simple 3 page flyer. And, as it’s a recent mailing, it’s very fresh on their minds so they ARE looking for the trucks!!

Below is the current law on the books found on our gov DMV site:

(SB) 19-054
CRC 42-6-102

This law (above) USED TO allow the registration and titling if it’s a “HISTORIC” military vehicle.

This new addendum they were issued says absolutely NO former MV’s can be titled with an ON- road title, and will NOT be issued plates or registration for on road use.

Instead they offer you ONLY an off road title, in exchange for your perfectly transferable on road title!


And further more, this isnt only for NEW military trucks coming into the state!

As I was told, the DMV will be actively working to revoke CURRENT titles and replace with a OFF ROAD vehicle title! A data base “audit” if you will, to snag military vehicles.
If your unlucky enough to be chosen in this “audit” you’ll be sent a new off road only title, and your current title be revoked.

This may affect MV owners at any time, but more than likely will occur upon registration renewal.

I can only hope at this time the DMV “gods” aren’t flagged in some way to my title application.

If the clerk chooses the “military vehicle” option in the on line application pull down options, the system immediately halts the application process

However if a clerk does NOT pull down this menu option, and simply puts in truck, or open or whatever, AND omits the model that would certainly give away a commmand car in an online image search, it shoukd go thru.

But all my titles certainly have the make abs model in the title. So no avoiding that!

But if there is any question at all on the pedigree of a truck, they WILL and DO look up the make and model on line.

If it shows a picture of a military vehicle, in which case there’s no getting around the look of a command car, it will get flagged and you will have your on road title revoked

In my case, should my application for title be caught, at the main DMV, I’ll never see the on road title.. What I will get in the mail is that off road title. Like a title for a snow mobile, or 4 wheeler!!
Now how many people would buy my trucks with off road only titles shoukd I sell in the future?

Personally, I’d walk away. So the state effectively has reduced my restored trucks to potential monetary losses. To me!

I can only hope that the application the last DMV gal filled out for me, and submits to the main state DMV for review and assignment, is vague enough to skip past any auditors eyes.

Leaving out “military vehicle” in the options as well as leaving out the “model” designator should help

I assume by now that the MVPA is aware of this?

If so, this new ruling will effectively
Remove ALL MILITARY vehicles off the road in an entire state.

No more parades or convoys

Some reading on the subject. ... b9ef3.html

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Re: Colorado banning military vehicles?

Post by wc56daveyboy » Fri Sep 08, 2023 1:03 pm

And oh by the way, my understanding is that the MVPA knows all about this, but isn’t engaged in any active role to help rectify.

If I’m wrong, and any MVPA officers read this, please correct me.

If I’m right, and the MVPA is not doing anything, tell me why I’m
Paying for an organization that’s supposed to protect and support us members?

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Re: Colorado banning military vehicles?

Post by wc56daveyboy » Fri Sep 08, 2023 1:39 pm

So what group is next in line with the Spanish Inquisition?

Model “A” and model “T” groups?
Any cars built before 1930? 1940?
Any vintage motorcycles?

What about hot rods? Muscle cars?

You all know this is all about going electric, right?

These B?!?!!!!ards are slowly eroding away our rights as antique car owners.

I guess they figure they would start with one of the smallest groups because there is less resistance

AZ Jeff
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Re: Colorado banning military vehicles?

Post by AZ Jeff » Sun Sep 17, 2023 7:57 pm

So why ban military vehicles — specifically? Doesn’t the 1945 CCKW pollute just about as much as it’s 1946 civilian 5 ton truck equivalent? Just as “hazardous” on modern roads? I suspect this is more about them being “Military”... and in the hands of citizens. The same citizens who may own “Military” style/spec/issue weapons — also being targeted for the same reasons in my opinion. Forget the parade involvement and saving history arguments, all these folks need to hear is MILITARY. That lumps everyone into the same category as an insurrectionist mob. Whether it’s an armored HMMWV or a Ford GP. It’s all black and white to them. You own a halftrack or — heaven forbid — a TANK, and they probably wonder how a “militia” sprung up in their county? Never mind that legally owned MVs (or vintage weapons for that matter) rarely contribute to crime statistics. It’s all about the OPTICS to these folks.

Perhaps its better to just let the government take care of preserving historic military vehicles like they did at Aberdeen Proving Grounds... oh wait, probably NOT the best example?

Regardless of motive, in the end, just another example of the polarization that’s endemic in American society these days from gun laws to electric vehicle mandates. If they can, people will vote with their feet.

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Re: Colorado banning military vehicles?

Post by wc56daveyboy » Sun Jan 28, 2024 5:13 pm

Does anyone on this site, reading this tread, have any updated info regarding the banning of historical vehicle titling?

I believe that the Colorado legislation is soon to be in session for 2024

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