Foot Start Crank?

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Re: Foot Start Crank?

Post by KiwiMB » Tue Nov 06, 2018 6:42 pm

Hi Lesk,
Just a thought here. If your Jeep runs great, doesn't smoke out the exhaust or breather pipe, starts easily and has plenty of power etc etc etc, then is the oil consumption really a big issue?

For me I think I would be tempted to ignore it until you begin to get blue exhaust smoke. Oil's not expensive in the big scheme of things so is it worth the time you will need to spend to possibly not find a definitive reason for the consumption?

Just putting it out there is all :wink:

Ian J
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Re: Foot Start Crank?

Post by lesk » Thu Nov 08, 2018 6:38 pm

Hi Ian,

I have just sent you a PM with my email address.

Yeah....that's what everyone says....if the jeep starts & runs great why do any engine work.....well....its because I am anal when it comes to the gets more love than my two newer Toyotas.....that being said....she has a lot of power, does not smoke at all with the exception of downhill gas tip-in and fast acceleration to 50 MPH then cutting gas both of which render a very quick, abrupt grey-blue puff.....but overall absolutely no smoke at all......and yeah a gallon/5 liters of Rotella T 15W-40 may last for the whole summer at $25.00/CDN. What I am doing is starting to accumulate videos on engine rebuilding and starting to price parts from different dealers. So, I would truly appreciate your step by step instructions (only if you have the time) as to replacement of valve seals so I can add it to my "replace valve seals", if and when I start to choke out the local rabble with blue smoke, I will have a tons of resources to rely on.

Best wishes....I guess you are already on you Friday Remembrance Day trip.....I have canceled mine with my M38A1 due to very cold weather and snow forecast for Saturday.


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