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Scott in NM
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Engine rebuilder

Post by Scott in NM » Sun Nov 08, 2020 3:34 pm

Anyone know a reputable L134 engine rebuilder within a 7 hour drive from Albuquerque? Thought I had one locally until he charged me $1700 for doing nothing except breaking my windshield, performing unauthorized modifications, and killing both batteries.


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Re: Engine rebuilder

Post by Gummy1950 » Sat Dec 05, 2020 6:49 pm


There's a good one in the Detroit area. He's done maybe 15 or so motors, including two of his own (one in a GPW that won the Gold Award at the convention) and mine (M38). He's done some that were shipped to Europe. Ron Fitzpatrick knows him. I know he's not 7 hours away from you, but if you can't find someone you trust that is closer you may want to keep him in mind. Here's the basic protocol for the rebuild, depending on the condition:
1. tear down the motor to its basic components
2. block and heads go to his approved machine shop for inspection, magna-fluxing, deck blocking, cylinder boring, sleeveing, line boring - what ever is needed.
3. Block and other parts come back and are washed, dried and sprayed with a preservative. Same for crank, cam and rods. The oil pan gets special attention to remove all of the sludge.
4. New parts are ordered according to need. Typically all new Felpro gaskets, a new Melling oil pump and new piston rings.
5. Motor is reassembled according to the Willys L-134 factory book and using premium assembly oil.
6. Motor is painted according to what vehicle it is going to be installed.
7. Customer picks up his motor - or it can be shipped via Craters and Freighters.

Again, it's all about trust. If you're interested send me a PM.


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