Repairing pivot eye bracket

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Repairing pivot eye bracket

Post by CH47Driver » Thu Aug 13, 2020 5:21 pm

Need some advice from another bubba mod I found while prepping my frame for rebuild:

3 of my leaf spring pivot eye brackets are correct (≈7/16”).
Just one of my brackets, the front driver side, was enlarged to 9/16” at some point and fitted with the larger grease fitting bolt from another Jeep year.

Ideally I’d like to keep them all the original/correct size.
My most favorable course of action is to use the original bracket and make it 7/16 again.
Anyone done this before? Initial thought was to weld in a patch and then re-drill it. Seems like a piece with a lot of load on it though. I feel comfortable with cosmetic plug welds but it seems like quite a bit of weight and stress at that point. Any better ways? Any dangers of doing it this way?

I’ve looked online and I can only find brackets that fit all civilian and military models which leads me to believe they are all 9/16 holes. Not too much M38 specific. Either way a new bracket is less desirable since the frame rail boxing extends far enough down to make bolting or riveting a real pain.

I’d really like to not enlarge the other holes to 9/16”.

Thanks again!
1952 M38

US Army 15 years

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