Rear seat covers - no holes in the frame

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Rear seat covers - no holes in the frame

Post by sigo » Thu Feb 08, 2024 8:35 pm

I am finally getting around to installing the rear seat covers on my M38, however there aren’t any holes for the screws. The seat frame has no holes at all for the screws that secure the seat cover. The rear seat frame came with the Jeep, no idea of the history. Every photo I see has screws securing the rear covers, but how do I know where the screws are supposed to go, is there a standard pattern? What am I missing?

Ron D
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Re: Rear seat covers - no holes in the frame

Post by Ron D » Fri Feb 09, 2024 7:07 am

Hi Sigo,
Takes 20 sheet metal screws total (size #10 with finishing washer) --- 10 on the back rest (5 top, 5 bottom) and 10 on the seat (5 front, 5 rear).

There's no exact pattern or measurements in the manuals, but these photos show the screw locations pretty well:

TM9-8012, Operation and Organizational Maintenance
Figure 3 on page 9
Figure 135 on page 316

TM9-1804B, Power Train, Body, and Frame
Figure 16 on page 41
Figure 103 on page 164

On mine I put one screw centered in the span, two outboard screws about 1 inch from the ends, and the last two equidistant between the center and ends.
Was careful to center punch and drill correct size pilot holes (5/32”, #21 bit) then used an awl to put a hole in the canvas.

Good luck!
Ron D
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