Help needed in identifying an M151 in Italy

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Help needed in identifying an M151 in Italy

Post by Anith » Sun Dec 30, 2018 4:22 am

Hi All,
I have posted a pix of an M151 (The sale ad says it is an M151A1) which has come up for sale here in Italy. While I agree that side lights/turn indicators are as per European requirement, I am a bit confused by the absence of the original small lights on the fender - if it really is an M151A1. Also, did any year model before A2 come with single windshield? What year model could this be?

Please enlighten me!
Rome, Italy
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Re: Help needed in identifying an M151 in Italy

Post by Rickf » Sun Dec 30, 2018 9:03 am

That is an A1 windshield that has just had the center divider removed and a single piece of glass put in. it appears that it still has the vacuum wipers. I can't see the snubbers on top of the windshield frame but the straight 151 woud have been bent metal straps covered in canvas and the A1 would have been rubber bumpers. This is kind of moot since the windshields were swapped out a lot between years.The lack of turn signals on the fender could signify a straight 151.Does it have a third brake light above the right tail light? That is indicative of that A1. On the tops of the front fenders there would be raised metal plates for the turn signals to mount to on an A1. The front floor drains on an A1 are scupper type floor drains that face towards the rear and are mounts sort of close to the seat mount. The straight 151 has oval floor drains closer to the center of the floor. Is there a metal Budd tag on the cowl centered over the valve cover or a body tag mounted on the frame rail possibly under the edge of the grill? Could be either side but usually the drivers side.
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