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1st start-up a success!!

Posted: Tue Jan 10, 2012 7:37 pm
by Rick O
Louie come through again!! THANKS!!

Today was the day.

The first start up after the engine rebuild. I followed the Barton guides here on the G and had a lot of help from Louie. I had the engine bored/sleeved and prepped, but I did all the re-assembly by myself. We tore apart and rebuilt the tranny and transfer case also.

I had two fears.....a leaking rear main seal ( I used a rope seal ) and some sort of coolant leak. Neither one leaks. No leakes what-so-ever.

Temp topped out at 180, and great oil pressure.

The timing was right on and needed no adjustment to get started and I had the valves adjusted right also.

The ticking you here in the viseo is from the wrong, loose fitting, dipstick which will be changed out, and the annoying squeal is from the fan belt of the truck used to help boost the starter which is old, weak and not the right one.

After that, a short drive down the block, still gotta figure out the shifting thing, and I was way to far from the pedals to shift cleanly.

I wish I knew how to have the video play in here, but click the links and share my happy day!!!

Start up: ... 0-2012.mp4" onclick=";return false;

first drive: ... tdrive.mp4" onclick=";return false;