Humvee Soft top slantback hybrid

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Humvee Soft top slantback hybrid

Post by erasedhammer » Tue Nov 15, 2016 6:55 pm

I have both sponsons, a hardtop windshield, B pillar components, the turret support ring, and the sponson brace.
I also have a full soft top kit. (Main top, divider, and rails)
My vehicle is currently setup with a helmet hard top, a soft top windshield frame, and for some reason a 2 man soft top b pillar.

Could I theoretically put all the slantback items that I have on my vehicle (windshield frame, turret support, b pillar, sponsons, brace) and put my soft top components on the setup afterwards without permanently modifying the slantback components?

I would just get a slantback, but I do not have enough money, and seeing as how the price for two large peices of sheet metal (roof and rear hatch) has risen above my monthly paycheck, I won't be getting them for at least another year.

I'm guessing it would be almost easy to install the soft top if you just drilled holes in the windshield frame, b pillar, and sponsons, but I'd rather do that kind of damage to it. I'm also looking for a way to install the slantback components, so that's why I'm not just installing the soft top in place of my helmet top.

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