Posting Etiquette questions

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Posting Etiquette questions

Post by hell-fire » Sun May 15, 2016 2:07 am

I am curious why there are some members who see the need to post everything in either large font, in bold or all capitols, besides the basic lack of basic Etiquette as those who do this have been using computers for more than a month know what typing their entire post using either method or a combination of all 3 means.

If those those who do this think said posts are easier to read then trust me they are not as it is a basic case of being focussed on how 99% of people type, I have mentioned this at times where some of these posts occour and I have had PM's agreeing with me so here is a quick tuition on how these features I think should be used.


For Sale

Willys Jeep


Lots of words about condition price etc in normal type font and not in Large, Bold OR THE ENTIRE POST IS CAPITIOLS.

Seems simple to me so I am curious as to why it is so hard for some to grasp.
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