Possible new board?

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Miles Through Time
G-Staff Sergeant
G-Staff Sergeant
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Possible new board?

Post by Miles Through Time » Sun Aug 15, 2021 7:57 am

I'm new to this site and the vehicle specific technical information is outstanding. But, most of our collection is not military vehicles, but other vintage cars and trucks. Wondering if any interest in a specific board for general vehicle restoration topics such as upholstery, tools, shop equiptment, paint suppliers, painting tips, etc. I've stumbled across some topics like these under a specific vehicle, but many others could benefit from these generic subjects.
Just a suggestion.

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W. Winget
LTC, U.S. Army
LTC, U.S. Army
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Re: Possible new board?

Post by W. Winget » Sun Aug 15, 2021 11:59 am

Answering a typical post today, for the umpteenth time about basic troubleshooting, I could see a need for a breakout under "Vehicle Maintenance and Troubleshooting" which could cover anything from a full list of troubleshooting to specifics by vehicle types.
It would provide a lot less repeating of the explanations day in and day out if users could rad through the basics, but then

That's what the TMs cover... :oops:

So what's to make anyone bother the "search" VS just start a post and ask which is the typical lazy default :roll: .

Kind of useful as you might capture tips and lessons the TMs do not cover on occasion.
V/R W Winget
Looking for 1918 Standard B 'Liberty' truck parts

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