FS: WW2 60mm Mortar Rounds SOLD

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AZ Jeff
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FS: WW2 60mm Mortar Rounds SOLD

Post by AZ Jeff » Sat Nov 08, 2008 8:12 pm

Howdy Folks,

I have a few extra WW2 and later 60MM Mortar Rounds to sell...


Naturally these are all inert, harmless Eye Candy for your 60MM Mortar display. Prices are Post-Paid (Priority Mail) in the Lower 48. Domestic Sales only -- I don't want to test the x-ray systems of any other Customs service thank you...

From Left to Right:

(1) 1941 dated M49A2 HE Round. Body marked LOT 6757-54A-1941-AS-60MM-M49A2. This was a "ground find" that had faint, washed-out yellow when I bought it. I had it bead-blasted and refinished. The tailfin is original, unpainted metal with a '41 dated Cartridge Cap. Lower (aluminum) half of the fuze is probably the original caus' it ain't budging. It was stripped when I got it so I've added mock safety parts (spring-loaded no less :wink: ) and a '43 dated bakelite upper half with plunger that I found in Germany 20 years ago. Overall a decent example of something that should've been spent during the war. $160 ** SOLD. Thanks Matt!

(2) 1945 dated M49A2 HE Round. Body marked LOT-ENM.2-63-1945-60MM M49A2. I had it cleaned and refinished in WW2 O.D. Markings were hand-painted and came out pretty nice. Original tailfin has fine pitting and was clear-coated. No cartridge cap on the bottom. Postwar M52A2 Fuze is complete and marked LOT MA-3-191 dated 8-52. It has some pitting to the upper (white metal) half. Overall quite representative. $160 ** SOLD. Thanks Matt!

(3) 1944 dated M83 Illumination Round. M65 Fuze is marked LOT PA-36-36 and dated 4-44. This unit is uncleaned but has no "issues" (rust, dents etc.) and should restore very nicely. Tailfin has a 1943 dated cartridge cap. Pretty scarce round. $140 ** SOLD. Thanks Chris!

(4) 1941 dated Training Round. Early, smooth body is faintly marked LOT S6 A1 1941 .... 60MM M49A2. Has a unique and original cast lead nose fuze. Tailfin is a '53-dated replacement. I think this is a Training Round that pre-dates the introduction of the blunt-nosed M69 Round? $60 ** SOLD. Thanks Glenn!

(5) 1967 dated M302 White Phosphorous Round. Same design as the WW2 WP round only marked KVS-1-15-67-60MM M302. Has INERT stamped into the body in 1/4" letters. Has a lower half of a beat, stripped fuze assembly. Tailfin is dated 1969 and is missing the cartridge cap. Overall nice just needs a complete 'Nam era fuze assembly (and they're out there). $60 ** SOLD. Thanks Glenn!

Please PM direct if you are interested. Thanks for looking!

Jeff Q.
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Post by MATT » Sat Nov 08, 2008 9:43 pm


I'll take #1 and #2. PM sent.

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Post by dcwilliams29id » Sun Nov 09, 2008 6:35 am

I'll take #3 if its still available.



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60mm Rounds

Post by lazybum » Sun Nov 09, 2008 12:03 pm

#4 and 5 would be a nice addition to my collection. PM sent.


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