K51 Chevrolet and BC610 pictures please

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Dr Deuce
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K51 Chevrolet and BC610 pictures please

Post by Dr Deuce » Fri Jun 24, 2005 2:48 pm

I have just started restoring my 1942 Chev K51 Radio Panel 1.5 ton 4x4 truck. I would like to find some pictures of the inside with the equipment in place. I have the SCR-299 manual, but it is ver lacking on the inside pictures.

If anyone out there has one of these or knows of someone who does, or has pictures please contact me at cckw@comcast.net

I also need the following parts:
power cable from trailer
Power cable connector on truck
Parts bench
Parts cabinet

Steve AKA Dr Deuce
Stephen Keith AKA Dr Deuce

11 CCKWs 6x6

7 Chevys 4x4

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